BHS-Sonthofen receives record number of incoming orders in the Process Technology division

March 23, 2022
BHS-Sonthofen closed the 2021 financial year with a record number of incoming orders in the Process Technology division. Despite the pandemic, the company saw incoming orders in this business unit increase by 26 percent year-on-year. The process technology experts are optimistic about 2022, as this year, BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology is introducing new, digital features for its rotary pressure filter. Another milestone will arrive in the form of modularized, standardized product range for filters, mixers and dryers.

It has been one year since the BHS-Sonthofen Group repositioned itself with its Building Materials Machinery, Recycling & Environment and Process Technology business units. As of 1 January 2021, its process technology expertise has been bundled under the BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology GmbH & Co. KG name. In its first financial year, the newly founded company recorded incoming orders of just under €100 million.

“Despite the international restrictions and uncertainties caused by the pandemic, we exceeded expectations for 2021,” says Volker Spies, Managing Director of BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology, speaking about the very high number of orders. “We see this success as confirmation of our strategic direction.” In the field of process technology, BHS-Sonthofen primarily serves customers from the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. BHS is constantly developing its product portfolio so it can offer them the process technology solutions they need at the right time. 2022 will also see the company present a series of new products.

Comprehensive process monitoring with advanced rotary pressure filter

These include modifications to the proven rotary pressure filter of type RPF that enable comprehensive inline process monitoring. BHS has revised the continuously operating filtration machine in terms of efficiency and operation, thus making it easier to integrate into the digital processes at the user’s site.

A continuous cake thickness measurement allows the filling level in the filtration cells to be recorded during operation. The process parameters are continuously transmitted to a higher-level control system as part of this. If there are fluctuations in the product feed, the filter can automatically adjust the speed to ensure the filtration cells are filled to the optimum level. The measurement is performed using laser technology, which eliminates the need to calculate the cake thickness using the mass balance of the filter. The user benefits from efficient cake washing, consistent product quality and a higher throughput. The cake thickness measurement can also be retrofitted to machines that are already in operation.

Customers also have option to add a feature to automatically monitor the amount of wear for the separator elements, providing them with data they can use to schedule maintenance windows for the machine. This can even be used to have spare parts delivered automatically.

Modularized concepts are a success factor

This year, BHS is also expanding its range of modular machine and plant concepts. The company now offers a standardized product range for common application scenarios. Predefined sizes and components enable cost-effective implementation with short delivery times. All of the components in the modular system are matched to each other and can be combined according to the customer’s exact requirements. Customers can already order standard solutions in a modular system for candle filters and dryers that cover a wide range of applications. In addition, BHS’ high level of process technology expertise means it can offer tailored customer solutions to meet special requirements. This system is available at all BHS locations worldwide. 

Integrated filtration and drying systems increase added value

BHS’ broad portfolio of various filtration systems, horizontal and vertical mixing systems and horizontal and vertical drying systems means the process engineering steps of filtration, drying and cooling can be chained together to form compact and optimized systems. These turnkey “package units” – including control, installation and commissioning – can be delivered worldwide via the System Engineering department. In this way, BHS stays true to its mission of “Transforming materials into value” in every area – for the benefit of the customer.