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Dry powder batch mixer


The dry powder batch mixer (DMX) for the production of dry material mixtures


The dry powder batch mixer (DMX) for the production of dry material mixtures

Twin-shaft mixing technology is suitable for all formulas and offers a wide range of benefits. The mixing procedure has a significant effect on the quality of the mixture produced and the economic efficiency of the production process. Watch the video to learn more about the use of the dry powder batch mixer (DMX) at the dry-mortar plant of Rethmisch GmbH.

Consistent and reliable mixing results

  • Sophisticated design and arrangement of the mixing tools
  • Achieves a consistently high mixture homogeneity despite short mixing cycles

Gentle processing of the mixture

  • Special spiral blade mixing unit and careful material transport ensure gentle processing of sensitive components in the mixture (e.g. perlite, polystyrene or expanded clay)
  • Preservation of the grain structure of the formulation’s individual components

Compact design

  • Can be filled to a considerably higher level in comparison with other mixer systems, thus enabling the same throughput in a more compact design
  • Small dimensions facilitate use in new plants
  • A more powerful mixer can be installed in the existing space

Maintenance-friendly and robust design

  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Compact design that provides easy access for maintenance work

Residue-free DMX emptying

  • Residue-free mixer emptying by means of two large dust-tight and torsion-resistant discharge flaps

Low-residue DMX Monogate emptying

  • Low-residue emptying by means of massive, dust-tight rotary valves

Low wear

  • Minimized ratio of wearing surfaces to batch volume due to compact design and high filling level


Advantages of the Three-Dimensional Mixing Concept

Unlike single-shaft systems, which move the mixture to the center of the machine, the three-dimensional mixing concept of the twin-shaft batch mixer produces a more intensive exchange of materials, leading to short mixing times while consuming less energy.

Spiral mixing tools

Spiral mixing tools

  • Mixing tools arranged on each mixing shaft in the shape of an interrupted spiral
  • Two counter-rotating mixing shafts with the mixing tools overlapping in the longitudinal center of the mixer
  • Counter blades positioned at the ends of the shafts
  • Moderate circumferential speed of the mixing blades for gentle processing

Mixing principle

Mixing principle

  • Generation of a circular three-dimensional movement pattern of the entire mixture
  • Intensive material exchange in the turbulent overlap zone of the two mixing circuits
  • Optimal conversion of the energy input into intensive relative movements of the mixture
  • Total volume of material is always included in the mixing process


Sophisticated and proven drive technology

Sophisticated and proven drive technology

Gearbox [1]

BHS worm gears boast maximum operational reliability and a long service life, even under extreme loads. The gearboxes are attached to the mixing shafts without rigid connection to the mixing trough. The selected material pairing allows the BHS worm gearbox to compensate the load changes that occur each time the mixer is filled.

Electric motor [2]

 All of our twin-shaft batch mixers are equipped with high-quality motors. They are specifically designed for the load cycles generated.

V-belt drive [3]

The power is transferred via V-belt drives. Positioning the V-belt drives on the outside of the drive provides good accessibility when performing maintenance work.

Torque support [4]

The adjustable torque support is used for the alignment of the gearboxes. It also allows the gearbox to be fastened to the mixing trough without pressure, avoiding unnecessary loads on the gearbox toothing. This special feature is an essential prerequisite for achieving a long gearbox life.

Synchronous coupling [5]

 A low-maintenance elastic coupling is installed between the gearboxes to synchronize the two mixer shafts.

Shaft seal & bearing

The mixer shafts are reliably sealed with axial face seals. The shaft bearings are mounted on bearing lanterns and are physically separated from the shaft seals. This significantly increases the operational reliability of the mixer shaft bearings.

Fluid coupling (optional)

The hydrodynamic fluid coupling prevents both mechanical and electrical load peaks. Its use is recommended in particular if unstable electricity supply conditions prevail on site. Alternatively, the mixer can be operated via a frequency converter or soft-start devices.


Design features of DMX discharge door flaps

  • Residue-free discharge through large dual door flaps
  • Discharge door flaps cover the entire length and width of the trough
  • Solid and machined welded construction
  • Reliable and readjustable door seals, 100 mm high
  • Deflector design all around, spring loaded on the lateral side
  • Hydraulic operation

DMX Monogate discharge gate design features

  • Rotary gate arranged over the entire length of the trough
  • Solid and machined design
  • Reliable and readjustable seals
  • Pneumatically or hydraulically operated

Lubrication Systems

Air sealing monitoring

A monitoring unit can send a signal to the plant control as part of the monitoring process for the compressed air supply to the four inner axial face seals. The current operating state is also displayed visually.

Fully automatic central lubrication

The lubrication points of the four axial face seals, the four mixer bearings and the four seals on the flap axes are automatically supplied with grease via a PLC controller and by means of a progressive distributor. The operating states recorded by the PLC central lubrication control can be transmitted to the plant control for visualization.

Temperature measurement

BHS dry powder batch mixers can be equipped with measurement devices from any major manufacturer to measure the temperature of the mixture and/or V-belts.

Plant modifications

We have years of experience and comprehensive expertise when it comes to retrofitting existing mixing plants. The dry powder batch mixer is ideal when retrofitting in tight spaces thanks, to its compact design. As an added benefit, the use of a high-performance dry powder batch mixer can significantly increase the throughput rate of the plant. Installing a mixer with a higher performance and bigger capacity as well as adjusting the weighing system, dosing and control system can make the plant substantially more competitive.

Options & accessories


Mixing trough cover

The dust-proofed mixing trough cover is equipped with large maintenance hatches that are opened with the aid of gas springs. A wide range of optional custom connections for feeding, venting or color and fiber addition are available upon request. Dust can be successfully removed via airbags or an active filter.

Installation in electrical terminal box

If required, all electrical wiring can be bundled in a terminal box for easy installation.

Air compensation pipe

Air compensation pipes are used to compensate the pressure fluctuations between the surge bin and the mixer.

Mixing mechanisms

Smooth mixing unit with plastic headers for mixes with bulk density > 1.4 t/m³
Smooth mixer with steel shovels for mixing materials with a bulk density < 1.4 t/m³
Smooth mixer with steel shovels for mixing materials with a bulk density > 1.4 t/m³
Mixing unit in chrome chilled cast iron design


The mixer can be equipped with agitators along the longitudinal side of the trough for the purpose of disintegration undesired agglomerations. They are very efficient due to the high filling level of the mixer, as they are in constant contact with the circulating mixture.

Technical specifications

Performance data
TypeEffective volumeThroughput rateDriveProcessed particle size
90-second cycle time150-second cycle timeFromto

DMX 1200/ 

DMX 1200 MG

1.050 l42 m³/h25m³/h1 x 15 kW1 x 37 kW0 mm - 8 mm

DMX 1600

1.400 l56 m³/h34 m³/h1 x 15 kW1 x 37 kW0 mm - 8 mm

DMX 1700 MG

1.500 l60 m³/h36 m³/h1 x 22 kW1 x 55 kW0 mm - 12 mm

DMX 2200 MG

2.000 l80 m³/h48 m³/h1 x 22 kW1 x 55 kW0 mm - 12 mm

DMX 2600/ 

DMX 2600 MG

2.300 l92 m³/h55 m³/h1 x 30 kW2 x 37 kW0 mm - 12 mm

DMX 3600/ 

DMX 3600 MG

3.200 l128 m³/h77 m³/h1 x 37 kW2 x 65 kW0 mm - 16 mm

DMX 4900/ 

DMX 4900 MG

4.400 l176m³/h106 m³/h1 x 65 kW2 x 75 kW0 mm - 16 mm

DMX 5500/ 

DMX 5500 MG

4.950 l198 m³/h119 m³/h1 x 75 kW2 x 80 kW0 mm - 16 mm

DMX 6500/ 

DMX 6500 MG

5.900 l236 m³/h142 m³/h2 x 37 kW2 x 90 kW0 mm - 16 mm

DMX 7300/  1)

DMX 7300 MG 1)

6.600 l264 m³/h158 m³/h2 x 45 kW4 x75 kW0 mm - 16 mm

1)  Without hydraulic aggregate on the mixer (placed separately). Agitators drive power: 5.5 kW per unit (maximum six units depending on machine size).

DMX dimensions and weights



DMX 1200

2.500 mm 2)1.330mm2.060 mm1.400 mm1.130 mm5.000 kg

DMX 1600

2.900 mm1.730 mm2.060 mm1.400 mm1.130 mm5.300 kg

DMX 2600

4.010 mm1.565 mm2.470 mm1.830 mm1.420 mm8.600 kg

DMX 3600

4.070 mm1.530 mm3.000 mm1.990 mm1.580mm11.700 kg

DMX 4900

4.900 mm2.290 mm3.000 mm2.120 mm1.580mm15.000 kg

DMX 5500

4.900 mm2.290 mm3.000 mm2.150 mm1.850 mm15.500 kg

DMX 6500

4.850 mm2.310 mm3.340 mm2.200 mm1.850 mm18.000 kg

DMX 7300 1)

4.850 mm2.310 mm3.340 mm2.280 mm1.850 mm18.500 kg

1) Without hydraulic aggregate on the mixer (placed separately). Agitators drive power: 5.5 kW per unit (maximum six units depending on machine size).
2) Dimensions and weights deviate for 4X drive.

Performance data for other materials available on request. All specifications apply to the standard design. Technical specifications for customized designs may differ from the data provided here. All technical specifications are subject to change due to continuous development. Subject to change without notice.

DMX Monogate dimensions and weights

DMX Monogate


DMX 1200 MG

2.670 mm 3)1.330 mm1.550 mm1.470 mm1.000 mm1.200 mm3.500 kg

DMX 1700 MG

3.000 mm1.330 mm2.040 mm1.855 mm1.200 mm1.400 mm5.600 kg

DMX 2200 MG

3.000 mm1.330 mm2.040 mm1.900 mm1.200 mm1.400 mm5.750 kg

DMX 2600 MG

3.250 mm1.565 mm2.040 mm1.940 mm1.200 mm1.400 mm6.200 kg

DMX 3600 MG

3.260 mm1.530 mm2.470 mm2.040 mm1.400 mm1.640 mm8.800 kg

DMX 4900 MG

4.180 mm2.290 mm2.470 mm2.080 mm1.400 mm1.640 mm11.400 kg

DMX 5500 MG

4.180 mm2.290 mm2.470 mm2.110 mm1.400 mm1.640 mm11.700 kg

DMX 6500 MG

4.670 mm2.310 mm2.855 mm2.400 mm1.650 mm1.890 mm15.700 kg

DMX 7300 MG

4.670 mm2.310 mm2.855 mm2.400 mm1.650 mm1.890 mm16.000 kg

3)  Dimensions and weights deviate for 4X drive.


Tests give certainty

Which mixer is the right one for your application? Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to our team of process consultants. Working together with you, our specialists will test the material and develop a tailor-made solution for you.
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Success stories

Two BHS mixers in Europe's largest precast concrete plant

May 2024
In Mikkeli, Finland, the largest precast concrete plant in Europe relies on the innovative mixers from BHS-Sonthofen to produce prestressed concrete elements for industrial buildings and commercial premises. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the BHS twin-shaft batch mixers, high-quality concrete products can be produced on a large scale.

Four large BHS mixers for a land-reclamation project in Hong Kong

April 2024
Hong Kong is in the midst of a housing crisis. The megacity is bursting at the seams, with the government always on the lookout for new properties. Many residents also depend on living near the city center, in close proximity to its towering financial headquarters. To address this problem, Hong Kong has been working to reclaim land from adjacent bay areas for many years. The TKO project in the east of the city is part of this effort. For this prestigious project, BHS-Sonthofen has supplied four large twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 5.00 for the production of concrete.

BHS planetary mixers for one of the leading concrete producers in France

March 2024
As one of the leading concrete manufacturer, the Belgian group CCB Cementir relies on the proven mixing technology from BHS-Sonthofen. Together with the plant manufacturer Creus Concrete Solution, CCB opted on a BHS planetary mixer, which forms the heart of the plant in France and produces all types of concrete.

Three prestigious projects with BHS twin-shaft batch mixers in Australia

March 2024
Two major operations are not enough to push the twin-shaft batch mixer from BHS-Sonthofen to its limits. Since their first use over 12 years ago, two BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 6.00 have proved to be indispensable heart of some Australia's most significant construction projects. Three prestigious projects stand as living examples of the efficiency, reliability and outstanding performance of BHS mixers.

BHS mixer with 28,000 liter capacity for mine backfilling in India

February 2024
An exciting event has taken place in the world of mining: A gigantic BHS twin-shaft mixer of type DKXC with a filling capacity of 28,000 liters has been successfully integrated into a mine backfilling plant in India. The size of this mixer is not only impressive, but also makes it a real eye-catcher in the plant.

National Museum of China displays sample of RCC mixed with BHS technology

February 2024
It is the largest sample of Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) in the world! And it is the result of a big project. The Dagu Hydro Dam is located 3,700 meters above sea level, making it the most elevated site ever for employing BHS twin-shaft batch mixers. A core sample of the dam was extracted in 2021. Due of its size and excellent quality, the National Museum of China chose to include it in its collection for public display in 2023.

Ten BHS mixers for China's high-profile Pinglu Canal project

January 2024
China is a country of superlatives, not least in terms of population: With more than a billion people and huge agricultural areas, securing a continuous supply of water for the nation has become paramount. Reservoirs and dams help store water and regulate its distribution, especially in times of drought or water rationing. Over the past few decades, China has therefore embarked on a series of major construction projects. One of the currently most important projects is the Pinglu Canal Project, for which BHS-Sonthofen has supplied eight large BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 7.00 and two additional DKX 4.00.

Express solution for mixing plant at Cemex Matériaux Ile-de-France

October 2023
What to do when time has taken its toll on a proven mixer, and a replacement is needed quickly? Cemex, an international manufacturer of building materials, needed a new BHS twin-shaft batch mixer for its plant in the Paris region at short notice. Thanks to high machine availability and precise construction plans, BHS-Sonthofen provided on-the-spot delivery and ensured the seamless integration of the new mixer into the concrete plant in record time.

BHS test center: Successful testing of building materials

January 2023
„Just do it“ occasionally proves to be an extremely efficient strategy. Especially when it comes to finding out more about the processing of various raw materials for building applications. BHS-Sonthofen offers an ideal environment with its test center, which opened in 2019. Upon customer request, the company conducts intensive field tests with various materials – with great success.

BHS mixing technology for prestressed spun piles in Vietnam

December 2022
The demand for higher construction quality, especially centrifugal concrete, challenge Vietnamese companies to use new technologies. Minh Duc Concrete and Construction Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in the field of production, supply and construction of spun concrete piles in the Vietnamese market and relies on the proven BHS technology in many projects.

BHS crushing technology for Algeria's growing building materials market

November 2022
The city of Constantine is at the heart of Algeria's booming economy. Across the country, infrastructure construction is experiencing an enormous upswing – which in turn requires a high availability of building materials. Batinol Construction s.a.r.l., which is based in Constantine, produces limestone sand for cement and concrete applications. Since January 2022, the company relies on a rotor centrifugal crusher of type RSMX 1222 from BHS-Sonthofen for processing the delicate raw material.

BHS mixers in use at the ambitious "Pier 55" project in New York

July 2022
At the former Pier 55 along the Hudson River in New York, a bed of concrete tulips now rises out of the water: 132 of these precast tulip elements, mounted on 267 prestressed concrete piles, form a 2.4-ha artificial island and are the new eye-catcher of the waterfront. For the ambitious project, precast producer and supplier of the concrete flowers Fort Miller Co., Inc. used the proven mixing technology of BHS-Sonthofen – two BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKXS 3,00 ensured concrete of the highest quality.

INTERMAT India 2024

09/26/2024 - 09/28/2024 | Mumbai (India)
Booth B50

SIM 2024

10/2/2024 - 10/4/2024 | Dijon (France)

bauma CHINA 2024

11/26/2024 - 11/29/2024 | Shanghai (China)

bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2024

12/11/2024 - 12/14/2024 | Gurgaon/New Delhi (India)

bauma 2025

04/7/2025 - 04/13/2025 | Munich (Germany)
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