REA gypsum

From waste to a valuable resource

Usable building materials

In the treatment of REA gypsum and fly ash, filtration solutions from BHS-Sonthofen ensure a particularly high quality of the respective end product. The use of appropriately treated materials conserves resources and thus helps to protect the environment.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High-quality building material
  • Multiple cake washing
  • Reliable dehumidification
  • Low environmental impact

On par with natural gypsum

On par with natural gypsum

In flue gas desulfurization (FGD) by means of the lime washing process, gypsum is produced in large quantities as a by-product. Strict quality criteria apply so that FGD gypsum can be used as a full substitute for natural gypsum. The gypsum is washed on indexing belt filters from BHS (indexing belt filter or rubber belt filter) to reduce the chloride pollution to less than 100 ppm. This is followed by drying the material to a residual moisture of less than ten percent. The quality of the building material processed in this way is in no way inferior to that of natural gypsum.

Our machines in use

Indexing belt filter (BF)

This type of vacuum filter is particularly gentle on sediments.

Rubber belt filter (BFR)

Reliable, high-precision filters for rapidly settling solids.

Tests give certainty

Which technology is the right one for your process? Don’t leave anything to chance. In our test center and filtration laboratory, we test according to your specifications and identify the optimal solution for you.

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