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Sustainable corporate management based on responsible conduct

For us, sustainability means securing the company’s long-term success while protecting the natural resources of this and future generations. We are strongly committed to this.
For this reason, BHS-Sonthofen operates an integrated management system (IMS) that combines the certification areas of quality (according to ISO 9001), the environment (according to ISO 14001) and work and health (according to ISO 45001). We submit all these areas to regular checks as part of internal and external audits.

Focus on quality

Focus on quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our high quality standards inspire us to constantly optimize the processes, products and services at BHS-Sonthofen. The full satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority. Building on our zero-defect strategy, we strive to fully meet the requirements in terms of quality, delivery reliability, flexibility and cooperative partnership at all times.

Keeping our staff safe

Keeping our staff safe

Occupational safety is a central success factor and an integral component of our corporate culture. We strive to minimize operational risks from the outset and continuously improve the health and safety of our employees.

Our plants are designed to provide the highest level of safety for operators and the environment. We achieve this by always opting for the safest technology that is economically viable. Safe handling as well as constant checks and maintenance of the systems further support safe operation. For us, it is a matter of course that our systems fulfill legal and official requirements.

We have drawn up concrete guidelines for the protection of people and the environment. These serve as a blueprint for the environmentally aware conduct of all employees and our partners.

Avoiding pollution, conserving natural resources

Avoiding pollution, conserving natural resources

We actively contribute to keeping the environmental impact along the value chain as low as possible. This means we minimize the use of resources and energy. We also prevent or reduce emissions and waste. We regularly monitor and assess our impact on the environment in order to reduce it as much as possible. At the same time, we continuously develop and update programs to minimize air pollutants, noise, wastewater and waste.

Responsibility of employees

All employees of BHS-Sonthofen are responsible for doing their part to help us achieve our safety, health and environmental protection goals. We are systematically expanding the environmental awareness of our employees and their ability to act sustainably.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guideline, we have set out in writing our values for our conduct with each other as well as with our customers and other business partners. It contains all principles and measures aimed at ensuring that legal representatives, our employees and third parties conduct themselves in accordance with the provisions. The guideline is based on national and international standards.

Sustainable procurement

We wish to demonstrate to our business partners and other external institutions and persons that we subordinate ourselves to the legal and self-imposed claim to integrity. Further details are set out in our Code of Conduct on sustainable procurement.

Our certificates

Our certificates

The operational facilities of BHS-Sonthofen are certified according to the standards listed above. The IMS also meets the requirements of other international and national standards and regulations.

Our products and production processes are approved or certified by numerous national and international organizations. You can find more information on this in the approvals section.

  • “EC certificate for ATEX” certificate
  • Pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU DGRL certificate
  • Quality management system certificate according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2:2006
  • Manufacturers or distributors of structural steel and aluminum components DIN EN 1090-1 certificate

All certificates and approvals are available for download below.

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