Short process times and gentle product handling

Vertical dryer


Vertical dryer

BHS vertical dryer application scenarios range from laboratory to large-scale production, and from highly sensitive pharmaceutical applications to rugged environmental engineering. Customers frequently chose this versatile machine type as the basis for tailored solutions. This is a tiny sample of the possible applications: drying of APIs for the pharmaceutical industry, sterilizing of spices in the food industry, drying of ion exchange resins in the chemical industry, as well as coating of iron powder with additives in metallurgic applications. A multitude of process steps can be implemented using BHS vertical dryers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Short process times with maximum product protection
  • Adjustable process parameters
  • Uniform temperature and product moisture
  • Seal positioned outside the product chamber
  • Operation under vacuum and high pressure

Short process times and gentle product handling

Short process times and gentle product handling

BHS vertical dryers consist of a cone-shaped vessel with mixing helix installed close to the side walls. They were developed for shorter process times with maximum product protection. The mixing helix is a double-threaded (or single) conical spiral that is connected to the shaft via steps. It conveys the product upwards along the heated side wall, after which it sinks downwards again inside the process chamber. This results in a uniform temperature and product humidity across the entire product chamber. To further reduce the drying time, the helix can additionally be heated and a vacuum can be applied. In the convective heating variant, steam or hot air is applied to the mixer interior, and the drying elements can also be heated.

Technical specifications

Operating criteria

Operating methodbatch
Operating pressure-1 to +40 bar
Operating temperature-40 °C to 650 °C
Machine size0,1 – 80 m³

All specifications apply to the standard design. Technical specifications of customized designs may differ from the data provided here. All technical specifications are subject to change due to ongoing development. Subject to change without notice. 


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