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Universal Shredder


Universal Shredder


Universal Shredder

The universal shredder of type NGU is a high-speed single-shaft crusher designed for pre- and post-cutting of any material that can be cut. This includes paper, files, data media, textiles, wood, cables, plastics and packaging. It shreds the feed material to a size between 10 and 120 mm.

Quick and simple screen replacement

  • Segmented screen
  • Advantage when shredding files (different protection classes)

Convenient removal of contaminants 

  • Movable base plate, can be positioned away from the cutting gap
  • Easy maintenance 

Consistent, clean cutting quality

  • Precision-made blades
  • Special hardening method
  • Blades are easy to adjust and replace

Powerful Drive System

  • V-belt drive
  • Wide rotational speed range of 80 to 240 RPM (freely adjustable)
  • Automatic shutdown if impurities are detected

High throughput rate

  • Continuous material supply thanks to load-dependent push-in unit
  • Clean cutting quality

High machine uptime

  • Heavy-duty machine design
  • Easy to remove impurities
  • Short maintenance times
  • Spare parts available quickly

Economical solution

  • Low processing costs per metric ton
  • Designed for conventional recycling facilities and for the manufacturing industry


[1] Infeed hopper

The loose feed material is loaded into the infeed hopper, which is individually adapted to the material and type of feeding. 

[2] Rotor

The rotor is produced from a solid forged part. A rotating wear protection element protects the rotor edges at the housing mounting point from wear.

[3] Blades

The blades of the rotor and static blade seat are versatile and can be rotated or replaced in just a few steps. The style, quality and number of blades is configured to match the specific application at hand.

[4] Screen unit

The screen consists of multiple segments that can be replaced individually. The screen support can be rotated downwards. This makes it significantly easier to perform maintenance work.

[5] Drive

The drive is frequency controlled, and the speed of the rotor is freely adjustable between 80 and 240 rpm. As a result, the machine can be configured to account for the properties of different feed materials.

Static blade seat with blade segments

Static blade seat with blade segments

The modular static blade seat is equipped with multiple blade segments. This modular design enables easy adjustment of the blades and ensures consistent cutting quality.

Movable base plate

Movable base plate

A hydraulically movable base plate simplifies the removal of contaminants and facilitates access when performing maintenance work.

Isolated rotor bearing

Isolated rotor bearing

The rotor shaft bearings are located in a double-walled housing. This protects the shaft bearings from the effects of heat and dust, which increases their service life.

Hydraulic pusher unit

Hydraulic pusher unit

A hydraulically driven slide pushes the material along the base plate and toward the cutting system where cutting takes place.


The loose feed material is loaded into the infeed hopper. A hydraulically driven slide pushes the material along the base plate and toward the shredding system. The feed material is shredded between the rotor equipped with blades and the counter-blade mounted on the static blade seat. Once the shredded material reaches a defined particle size, it falls out of the machine through a screen basket. The size of the discharge material is defined by the hole pitch of the screen. It can range from 10 to 120 mm.

Variant for hazardous waste

When crushing potentially hazardous recyclable, residual and waste materials (lithium-ion batteries, toxic waste materials, and the like), inertization of the working chamber is required to prevent fires, explosions, hazardous gas leaks or chemical reactions. For process reliability in processing these problematic materials under a protective atmosphere and to protect the health of employees, BHS offers the universal shredder (NGU) in an inertizable design with an external motor.

Technical specifications

Performance data
TYPEDrive powerRotor Speed (max.)Rotor Diameter x LengthPossible Number of Rotor BladesSize of Rotor BladesNumber of Static BladesNumber of Static Blade SeatsThroughput RateHole Size of Screen
NGU 0513
55 - 110 kW
80 - 240 rpm
495 x 1.305mm
29, 58, 8740 x 40mm41 - 2Depending on material10 - 120mm
19, 38, 5760 x 60 mm
NGU 0518
90 - 160 kW
80 - 240 rpm
495 x 1.795 mm
40, 80, 12040 x 40mm51 - 2Depending on material10 - 120mm
27, 54, 8160 x 60 mm

All specifications apply to the standard design. Technical specifications for customized designs may differ from the data provided here. All technical specifications are subject to change due to continuous development. 

Dimensions and weights

NGU 05132.474 mm3.250 mm1.750 mm500 mm220 mm1.570 mm9 tons
NGU 05182.964 mm3.250 mm1.750 mm500 mm220 mm1.570 mm11 tons

1) With standard hopper and standard steel construction



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Tests give certainty

Which technical solution is the right one for your recycling process? Don’t leave anything to chance. Our team of specialists will test your material at our test center and develop a solution tailored to your specific needs.

ICBR 2024 - International Congress for Battery Recycling

09/10/2024 - 09/12/2024 | Basel (Switzerland)

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Success stories

Turning waste into energy with the BHS universal shredder in Romania

March 2022
Sustainable use of residual materials has become economically and ecologically indispensable for many industrial processes. In Romania, German-based concrete producer Heidelberg Cement therefore looked for fuels derived from household waste. The company turned to local waste recycler Pacos, where a universal shredder (type NGU) from BHS-Sonthofen has recently been installed to produce RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)- fractions. The implementation was quick and straightforward – due to the full-service support of BHS-Sonthofen and its local partner CTE Solution.

Technical articles in the media

Safe long-term investment: BHS-Sonthofen receives order for BASF battery recycling plant

August 2023

BHS-Sonthofen is supplying BASF with a complete line for the mechanical reprocessing of lithium-ion batteries into black mass. This marks the third large-scale plant for BHS, with the first one having operated successfully for over a year. As a result, customers can benefit from the combined experience and know-how of this machinery and plant manufacturer from the South German Allgäu region, providing them with increased investment security.

recovery 04 | 2023

Recovering valuable materials - Safely avoiding hazards during the recycling of lithium-ion batteries

December 2020
BHS-Sonthofen is refining their innovative process for the recycling of spent batteries. It reliably prevents fires and the release of hazardous gases, as the crusher process is kept gas-tight all the way until the dryer, which is where the electrolytes are evaporated. This process is suitable for automobile batteries as well as lithium-ion and other household batteries. The resulting products are ready to be sold.
recovery 06 | 2020

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