High Drying Capacity achieved with lower energy consumption

Horizontal dryer


Horizontal dryer

Many production processes generate water and/or solvent-moist intermediate products that must be dried before further processing, distribution, or disposal is possible. Drying is often carried out in two steps: an upstream, less energy-intensive mechanical method for expelling the main moisture (e.g. filter) and the subsequent thermal final drying. BHS horizontal dryers AVA HTC-T and HTK-T are used in the cellulose industry, as dryers for flame retardants in the chemical industry, and for evaporating high-boiling substances (for example, hydrocarbons) from contaminated environmental industry substances under vacuum conditions.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Short drying times
  • Adjustable process parameters
  • Uniform temperature & product moisture
  • Efficient drying of even highly viscous products
  • Vacuum & high pressure operation

Short drying times in batch and continuous mode

Short drying times in batch and continuous mode

The product fed into the machine comes into direct contact with the heated drying elements (drum, head ends and/or shaft, and shovels) and is continuously shifted by the rotating agitator. Half-pipe coils or double jackets are available for heating the drum. Thermal oil or steam are most commonly used as heating fluid, or an electric heater can be used for high-temperature applications.

The constant circulation along the heated surfaces leads to uniform moisture expulsion and creates a uniform temperature and product humidity in the drying mixer product chamber. Vapors are removed via vapor filter systems specially constructed by BHS. The shape and angle of the shovels ensure optimal heat exchange between product and side wall. Separately driven choppers dissolve lumps, thus resulting in a fine-grained to powdered material consistency. Benefits include very short drying times, which can be further reduced by including a vacuum dryer in the design.

Technical specifications

Operating criteria

Operating methodbatch or continuous
Operating pressure-1 to +40 bar
Operating temperature-40 °C to 650 °C
Machine size /
0,1 – 60 m³
0,1 – 100 m³/h

All specifications apply to the standard version. Technical data for customized designs may differ from the specified data. All technical data may change due to development. Subject to modification without notice. 


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