Efficient slag processing

Secondary raw materials for the construction industry

Most metal production and processing operations generate melting residues. These non-metallic, mineral components are called slag. BHS processes and solutions ensure that valuable metallic residues are separated from the slag after shredding. Moreover, the mineral components can be used in cement, thermal insulation, and road and landfill construction.

Applications at a glance:

  • Metallurgical slags
  • Ironworks slags
  • Secondary aluminum slags
  • Aluminum salt slags
  • Stainless steel slags
  • Electric steel plant slags
  • Drosses (> 45% metal content)

A great tool in two regards

A great tool in two regards

Slag processing plants benefit in two ways from the proven BHS recycling machines with a vertical shaft: Metals are recovered, while the mineral components are also pelletized so that they can be marketed as a building material, for example. The BHS technology is suitable for different types of slag and slag-like material groups.

The Rotorshredder is a newly developed product for the processing of ironworks slag. It performs selective shredding while also being able to handle larger metal parts with relative ease. As a result, higher sized feed particles are possible as compared to conventional machines. Very large metal parts can be shaken free by the Rotorshredder and then separated using magnets.

Rotor centrifugal crushers (type RSMX) and rotor impact mills (type RPMV & RPMX) have proven to be an excellent choice for the final shredding of slags. These units produce particularly good results when it comes to selective shredding.

Many types of metallurgical slag are very hard despite being brittle. As a result, single-stage crushing is not sufficient. Depending on the feed size and throughput requirements, we recommend using the rotor shredder (type RS) or impact crusher (type PB) for slag pre-crushing. Once this has been done, initial sensor-based sorting of the metal components can be performed if a high level of material separation was achieved. The fine fraction is then processed in rotor centrifugal crushers or compact rotor impact mills.

Contaminated aluminum scrap can be processed in a salt bath process to prevent increased oxidation in the air and the loss of aluminum. Aluminum salt slag, which contains high amounts of aluminum, is created in the process. Along with that, oxides and hydroxides produced during the smelting process and fluoride compounds added as a fluxing agent are also generated. Our proven rotor shredder is suitable for pre-shredding of material with particle sizes of up to 400 mm, while the rotor centrifugal crusher is equipped to handle smaller particle sizes. The aluminum is separated after one pass through the shredder. It can then be easily screened out from the other materials.

Machine portfolio

Rotorshredder (RS)

The Rotorshredder (RS) can do it all! Optimally shreds, separates and disaggregates valuable and residual metaliferous waste materials.

Rotor impact mill (RPMV & RPMX)

Ball shaper operating based on unique crushing principle

Rotor centrifugal crusher (RSMX)

High-performance crushers for hard or abrasive recycling materials


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