Intensive mixing of highly complex building materials

Planetary mixer


Planetary mixer

The mixing technology is suitable for all fine-grained formulations and offers comprehensive benefits for this purpose. The mixing procedure has a significant effect on the quality of the mixture produced and the economic efficiency of the production process.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Consistently excellent mixing result batch after batch
  • Very homogeneous mixing result in the shortest possible time
  • Optimum disintegration of binders and additives
  • Partial batches up to 30% filling degree possible
  • Segregation-free and fast discharge
  • Robust drive
  • Easy maintenance

Application-oriented mixer configuration

Application-oriented mixer configuration

Depending on the application, we offer numerous options for customizing your planetary mixer in addition to our standard configuration.

Drive power

Our planetary mixer can be designed with different drive configurations to meet the maximum torque requirements.


In order to adapt the Froude number to the specific mixing task, the mixer can be operated via frequency converters at the optimum speed for the mixture. 

Feeding sequence

The location of the inlets and the sequence of feeding the materials have an influence on the mixing results and the mixing time. We have the know-how to achieve optimal mixer charging.


Depending on the application and plant requirements, the mixers can be designed with several discharge gates.

Product range

With the comprehensive range of planetary mixers, we offer the right, future-proof solution for every need.

In addition, depending on the application, there is a wide range of configuration options for the mixing units, drives, discharge options, etc.

Our planetary mixers are available in sizes from 0.25 to 4.0 m³ and can be fitted with a range of additional options depending on your requirements. Benefit from our experienced and competent specialists when selecting the mixer.


Pumped concrete

Face and core concrete
Ready-mixed concrete with input size up to 32 mm
Lightweight concrete
Wet mortar
Precast concrete
Specialty concrete grades 
Concrete for concrete goods
Glass batch
Dry material


Mixing concept

Mixing concept

The mixing system works with mixing tools driven from above, which move on a circular path and additionally around themselves. This ensures uniform, complete mixing of the material in the mixing trough without dead spaces.



The robust planetary gear units are developed and manufactured in-house and offer maximum efficiency, operational reliability and a long service life. For optimum lubrication, the precision gear set runs in a generously dimensioned oil bath. This also serves for optimum heat dissipation, which eliminates the need for additional temperature monitoring.

Electric motor

We only use high-quality mixer motors with temperature monitors for our planetary mixers. They are specially designed for the load cycles that occur.

Hydrodynamic coupling

The hydrodynamic coupling protects against mechanical and electrical load peaks and enables soft starts under full load.

Speed monitor

A speed monitor is installed as a further safety measure.

Options & accessories


Mixing blades

Depending on the application, the mixers can be configured with reversible blades made of chrome hard casting, polyurethane or carbide.

Mixer trough lining

Precision-engineered elements in abrasion-resistant materials are available as linings for the mixing trough.

Fast discharge device

The fast discharge device is a movable clearing blade that is lowered for fast, low-residue emptying of the mixing trough. This reduces emptying times and at the same time reduces wear and power consumption.


In order to avoid agglomeration in complex mixing tasks, a agitator can be used. The design of the agitator is determined according to the application.


Our planetary mixers can be equipped with a manually or hydraulically operated device for taking mixture samples at the front end wall. This possibility is a key advantage, especially in the production of demanding concrete formulations.

Electrical terminal box

All the cabling can optionally be connected to a terminal box for easier installation. This reduces assembly costs on the construction site.

Automatic lubrication system of the mixing stars

Lubrication of the rotary union on the mixing stars is automatic by means of spring-loaded lubrication cartridges, which are well protected in a robust housing.

Non-stick lining

To significantly reduce buildup on the bottom of the actuator, a replaceable PE liner is recommended.

Moisture and temperature measurement

For measuring the moisture or temperature of the mixture, our planetary mixers can be equipped with probes from any major manufacturer. Thanks to its design and also due to the intensive movement of the mixture, the planetary mixer delivers particularly reliable measurement results.

Machine and plant accessories

Skip hoist and weighing system

Skip hoist and weighing system

We offer customized solutions for fast and clean feeding of the mixer with aggregates as well as for recipe-accurate metering of the different mixture components.

Mixing trough cover

The dustproof mixing trough cover for our planetary mixer is equipped with large maintenance hatches opened with the aid of gas springs. Optional custom connections for feeding, venting, video monitoring, or color and fiber addition are available upon request. Dust can be successfully captured by means of vent socks or an active filter.

Water dosing

Depending on the requirements, water can be introduced via a baffle plate or spray pipe system (with or without pressure). The water nozzles of the pressurized spray pipe system are designed to handle pure or recycled water. Optional steam injection systems for the production of hot concrete are available upon request.

High-pressure cleaning

Our tried-and-tested high-pressure cleaning system with nozzle heads rotating in three dimensions is characterized by its excellent cleaning results and low water consumption. For cleaning the discharge hopper, the high-pressure cleaning system can be extended with an additional ring pipe system. In dual mixer plants, only one high-pressure system is required for cleaning the two mixers alternately.

Discharge hopper

We offer proven standard as well as individual solutions for mixture discharge. Furthermore, various linings as well as additional functions (drip protection, swiveling extensions, etc.) are available.

Reconstruction of mixing plants

Turn old into new

Turn old into new

We are highly experienced when it comes to retrofitting existing concrete mixing plants. It is possible to modernize the technology of an existing mixing plant at a reasonable investment. As an added benefit, this modernization can significantly increase the throughput rate of the plant. Installing a mixer with a greater performance, adjusting the weighing system and batcher as well as renewing the control system will make the plant much more competitive.

Besides planning, designing, and manufacturing the tailor-made plant according to on-site requirements, our experienced team also offers to install or commission the system.

Technical specifications

Performance data
per batch
Stars & Mixing bladesMotor powerMaximum aggregate sizeSkip hoist
MixerHydraulic unitQuality concreteLoading capacityMotor

BPX 0.25

0,38 m³0,25 m³1x211 kW2,2 kW32 mm0,56 m³5,5 kW
BPX 0.330,5 m³0,33 m³1x215 kW2,2 kW32 mm0,66 m³5,5 kW
BPX 0.50,75 m³0,5 m³1x222 kW2,2 kW32 mm0,83 m³7,5 kW
BPX 0.751,13 m³0,75 m³1x337 kW3 kW32 mm1,33 m³11 kW
BPX 1.01,5 m³1 m³2x245 kW3 kW32 mm1,99 m³15 kW
BPX 1.52,25 m³1,5 m³2x375 kW3 kW32 mm2,5 m³18,5 kW
BPX 2.03 m³2 m³3x390 kW4 kW32 mm3,4 m³22 kW
BPX 2.53,75 m³2,5 m³3x3110 kW4 kW32 mm4,32 m³30 kW
BPX 3.04,5 m³3 m³3x3132 kW7,5 kW32 mm6,2 m³45 kW
BPX 4.06 m³4 m³3x33 x 75 kW11 kW32 mm6,55 m³45 kW

Performance data for other materials available on request. All specifications apply to the standard version. Technical data for customized designs may differ from the specified data. All technical data may change due to development. Subject to modification without notice. 

Dimensions and weights
BPX 0.251.300 mm720 mm1.330 mm1.750 mm700 mm260 mm840 mm1.440 kg
BPX 0.331.600 mm720 mm1.380 mm1.860 mm850 mm350 mm940 mm1.610 kg
BPX 0.51.900 mm770 mm1.175 mm1.720 mm1.000 mm480 mm1.080 mm2.050 kg
BPX 0.752.300 mm930 mm1.652 mm2.340 mm1.220 mm690 mm1.390 mm3.740 kg
BPX 1.02.500 mm930 mm1.690 mm2.380 mm1.320 mm690 mm1.390 mm4.880 kg
BPX 1.52.800 mm930 mm1.760 mm2.600 mm1.470 mm690 mm1.390 mm5.590 kg
BPX 2.03.300 mm1.150 mm2.020 mm2.900 mm1.720 mm930 mm1.690 mm8.600 kg
BPX 2.53.300 mm1.150 mm2.090 mm3.130 mm1.720 mm930 mm1.690 mm9.100 kg
BPX 3.03.600 mm1.340 mm2.315 mm3.350 mm1.890 mm1.050 mm1.860 mm11.800 kg
BPX 4.04.200 mm1.405 mm1.780 mm3.550 mm2.192 mm1.270 mm2.120 mm19.400 kg

 Weights and dimensions for standard design without accessories. 


Tests give certainty

Which mixer is the right one for your application? Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to our team of process consultants. Working together with you, our specialists will test the material and develop a tailor-made solution for you.
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