BHS announces partnership with Soitra

March 13, 2023
BHS-Sonthofen announced its partnership with Soitra, an Italian supplier of process and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The agreement enables customers to purchase high-value technologies for filtration and drying, and benefit from bundled process expertise and after-sales service from a single source.

In the business area of process technology, BHS-Sonthofen is significantly increasing its focus on Southern Europe. “Of course, the market is highly competitive”, says Martin Specht, Area Sales Manager at BHS, who is responsible for Italy. “But it also offers huge potential. With our new partner Soitra, we have found the right experts to help Italian companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and feed industries to improve and increase their production. Soitra is an experienced and well-established supplier of filtration and drying technology in the respective industry segments.”

Soitra S.p.A., based in Milan, is a family-owned company founded in 1956, which has has become a process specialist for a wide range of industries. "With our expertise across many process steps, we can provide our customers with comprehensive support in the implementation of process engineering systems. We want to continuously develop our portfolio, for example for the chemical industry, and thus continue our growth”, comments Gianpiero Raffa, managing director of Soitra the new partnership. “We are therefore excited to introduce BHS technology to Italian manufacturers.”

Customers interested in BHS technologies benefit from the engineering expertise at Soitra. The company supplies both single machines and components from BHS-Sonthofen as well as complete process lines including after-sales services and maintenance. Soitra also conducts its own laboratory tests and runs pilot systems to investigate potential technological solutions.

First joint project under way

BHS has had repeated points of contact with Soitra in the past. In the last two years, the speed of cooperation increased considerably. The sales partnership agreement is dated January 1st, 2023, and the first joint project is already underway. “This project certainly marks a first milestone. We are very much looking forward to meeting interested market players in the coming weeks and months to promote and offer our technology and consulting services for filtration and drying applications”, Martin Specht concludes.