Solutions for battery production and recycling

Global demand for Li-ion batteries is increasing rapidly, especially for electric vehicles and consumer electronics. Meanwhile the quantities of used batteries are rising as well. BHS-Sonthofen offers efficient solutions for the production of high quality battery materials for cell production, and for the recycling of valuable battery materials.

Production of battery materials

Battery materials: Achieving high energy density

Efficient, high-performance energy storage systems represent a key technology to realize the energy revolution. BHS-Sonthofen offers a broad range of modern, flexible technologies for the production of electrode pastes, the drying of individual components, and high-temperature applications to obtain the required dryness or chemical reactions.

Battery recycling

Battery recycling: Reliably avoid risks

The recycling of batteries continues to be a challenge: A single spark is all it takes to ignite the electrolytes in batteries. These hazards can be avoided entirely with an innovative process developed by BHS-Sonthofen: Most of the process is designed to be gas-tight. Two shredding stages and a dryer ensure optimal processing of the material for the subsequent, sophisticated separation process. The resulting products are ready for sale.