BHS-Sonthofen adds complete process solutions for recycling technology to its test center

September 15, 2021
Machinery and plant engineering expert BHS-Sonthofen has expanded its test center at the Sonthofen site and has undergone modernization work in the areas of recycling and environmental technology. BHS conducts tests with shredding, sorting, and conveyor technology for the recycling industry and environmental technology in a space that spans nearly 1,000 square meters. This allows BHS to offer its customers the option of testing all process steps.

When it comes to recycling and the environment, no two input materials are ever the same. That is why it is imperative that recycling companies conduct extensive tests with the respective input material before deciding on a specific plant layout. At its company headquarters in Sonthofen, Germany, BHS offers customers and interested parties in the area of recycling the opportunity to conduct comprehensive tests using their own input materials. Magnets, screening, and various separating tables provide the right technology for sorting shredded products.

“As a leading process consultant and mechanical process technology provider, it is our responsibility to develop all-in-one solutions together with our customers that are perfectly adapted to their needs,” explains Steffen Hinderer, Director Process Development at BHS-Sonthofen. “Our test center, which opened in summer 2019, has already raised the bar in the areas of mixing, shredding, recycling and filtering. Thanks to the expansion of the recycling and environment test division, our customers are able to test all their processes in this area even more comprehensibly in our facilities.”

Turnkey systems for improved overall process efficiency

In addition to optimizing the conveyor technology, investments for the expanded area of recycling also include sorting machines that perfectly complement the process expertise of BHS-Sonthofen. Dryers and mixers can also be installed upon request. “Our customers can now test their entire recycling processes, all the way from the input material to finished products on-site at our facilities. Our “one-stop shop” approach allows you to test your complete systems in a time and cost-efficient manner,” explains Steffen Hinderer.

In the expanded test center, customers will also be able to gain an impression of suitable plant control systems for the area of recycling and environment. This involves control systems for complete plants from BHS Control Systems, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the customer. The user benefits from the base software’s open interface architecture: the Win CC Open Architecture. The scalable system allows the wide range of components to be integrated smoothly and therefore the plant control systems can be expanded as required and without large investments.

Put to the test: recycling of lithium-ion batteries

BHS can now also test the shredding of electrolyte-loaded and deep-discharged lithium-ion batteries at its Sonthofen location. “The recycling of lithium-ion batteries comes with great challenges in terms of safety,” says Hinderer. “That’s why many providers do not possess the necessary infrastructure.” At BHS Sonthofen’s, the shredding of battery packs, modules and cells with an individual weight of up to 220 kg can be tested in a closed nitrogen atmosphere inside the machines.