Best machine and service in 2021: BHS receives Chinese award for the Biogrinder

September 14, 2021
BHS receives Chinese award for the Biogrinder
BHS-Sonthofen is proud to receive the award for the “Best Biomass Energy & Organic Solid Waste Equipment Service Provider of the Year” for the Biogrinder (RBG) in 2021. International Bioenergy Summit Organizing Committee (IBS) awards seven companies, who presented outstanding new products for the biogas production in 2020, with this honor.
Around the world, the Biogrinder helps to maximize the amount of methane gas that can be won from straw, manure, organic household waste and other plant material. Processing the substrate speeds up gas production in the fermenter. In contrast to other commonly used shredders, the Biogrinder was specifically designed to defiber the organic material. By increasing the contact surfaces of fibrous materials, biogas is generated even more efficiently. So far, BHS has realized eight projects with a total of 15 Biogrinders in China. Four more projects are already planned. The machines in China are mainly used to optimally prepare kitchen waste and corn straw for the fermentation process.