Building materials machinery – Mixing and crushing technology at its best

For the production of building materials we have been pioneers in mixing and crushing technology for more than a century. As the inventor of the industry-defining twin-shaft mixer and with developments such as our rotor impact mill, we set international standards. These machines are an essential success factor for many large projects worldwide. And we leave nothing to chance: In the BHS test center, our experts carefully test which solution is best suited for your project. Our in-depth process engineering know-how of the processes involved means that your investment into our products is always a good decision.

BHS mixing technology

A success across the globe! A broad product portfolio of batch and continuous mixers for building materials, mining and metallurgy combined with the entire process technology – driven by our know-how in the field of mixing.

BHS crushing technology

The targeted processing of minerals relies on a great deal of process engineering know-how and experience. We are experts for the final processing stage – the refinement of high-quality end products.

Mixing technology

Achieving excellent homogeneity is all about the right mixer

Our mixers ensure the optimal mixing of solids in every case. This is true no matter if the final product is concrete, asphalt, dry mortar or mineral mixtures – no matter if it is dry or wet, hot or cold, large or small, light or heavy. In order to achieve maximum mixture homogeneity, we rely both on our many years of experience in various industries and on tests performed in the BHS testing center.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Over 130 years of industry know-how
  • Custom solutions for your project
  • Testing in our own test center
  • Three-dimensional mixing results in perfect homogeneity
  • Gentle processing of sensitive mixtures

Impressive projects – Satisfied customers

Mixers from BHS-Sonthofen are used in numerous large-scale projects across the globe. They are at the heart of any mixing system and ensure that building materials are always available at the required amount and quality during construction. In doing so, they significantly contribute to making projects profitable and successful.

Twin-shaft batch mixers (DKX) set the benchmark in mixing technology.

bhs_bauma_DKXS_the benchmark in mixing_EN.mp4

Twin-shaft batch mixers (DKX) set the benchmark in mixing technology.

Twin-shaft mixing technology is suitable for all formulas and offers a wide range of benefits. The mixing procedure has a significant effect on the quality of the mixture produced and the economic efficiency of the production process. Watch the video and learn more about major projects from around the world where the twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX) has proven itself under the most difficult conditions.

BHS has the right mixer for any application

Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

Invented by BHS – proven, reliable and innovative – providing top mixing results for complex applications for over 130 years

Dry powder batch mixer (DMX)

Outstanding mixing results made possible thanks to our three-dimensional mixing process – optimized for dry materials

Twin-shaft continuous mixer (LFK)

High-performance solution for continuous operation

Combimix processes (DKXC)

The reliability of the twin-shaft batch mixer coupled with the advantages of continuous operation

Single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)

High-performance, maintenance-friendly solution for continuous mixing processes with finer grains

Laboratory mixer

Big things comes in small packages – this mixer is optimally suited for R&D in the concrete laboratory

Ring Layer Mixer (AVA HRM)

Large throughput rates despite a small installation size

Horizontal mixer (AVA HTC/HTK)

Optimal mixing quality with short mixing times

Crushing technology

Top-of-the-class final products: Bring precision to your finishing stage

We give your aggregates a final polish: Our impact crushers and mills break down your rock to exactly the right size and shape. This enables you to create high-quality sands, aggregates and building materials even from challenging materials.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Impact crushers and impact mills with vertical or horizontal shaft
  • Excellent end product know-how
  • Best-fit integration into the customer’s facility
  • High system availability
  • Preliminary tests in the crushing test center guarantee utility of the solution

Numerous impact crushing options

Rotor centrifugal crusher (RSMX)

High throughput rate and low wear – ideally suited for abrasive materials thanks to the patented twin-chamber rotor.

Rotor impact mill (RPM)

Our high-performance crusher for targeted crushing – ideally suited for the production of quality sand

Impact crushers and impact mills (PB/PM)

High crushing capacity combined with low wear and tear and easy maintenance


Tests give certainty

Which mixer or crusher is the right one for your application? Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to our team of process consultants. Working together with you, our specialists will carry out tests and develop a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Success stories

More valuable fine sand from limestone

October 2021
No naturally formed rock is as versatile as limestone. Thanks to the high-performance crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen, the French Colas-Group achieves high reduction ratio and excellent particle shape during sand mining.

More concrete paving blocks with less waste

September 2021
Excluton in the Netherlands expanded its capacity: Based on positive experience with the BHS twin-shaft batch mixer, one of the leading manufacturers of concrete paving stones again decided in favor of BHS-Sonthofen. Back in 2017, the company had already succeeded in producing significantly greater quantities of paving blocks within the same time while also reducing waste.

Complex concrete for dynamic projects in Paris

July 2021
The banks of the Seine river are home to Unibéton, an expert in liquid building materials. In Issy-les-Moulineaux, not far from the centre of Paris, the company produces a wide variety of concrete mixes on its 4,800 square meter site – from lightweight and high-performance to fibre concrete. In total, Unibéton manufactures around 2,000 formulations, especially for dynamic construction projects in Western Paris. Its machine park boasts some of the finest gear available – including a twin-shaft batch mixer of DKXS 4.50 from BHS-Sonthofen.

Mixing plants in use for concrete dams in Morocco and Cameroon

June 2021
International customers such as SGTM and the Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC) rely on mixing plants from BHS-Sonthofen for their concrete dam projects. The mixers used in Morocco and Cameroon continuously produce large quantities of RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) to ensure completion of the infrastructure-relevant dam projects.

Concrete for Monaco’s land reclamation project

May 2021
Mareterra, formerly known as Portier Cove, is a major construction project, further extending the landmass of the principality of Monaco. EMT, Monaco’s only ready-mixed concrete producer and the supplier for the construction site, has installed a concrete plant from EMCI including a built-in twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKXS 3.00.

Caribbean sand: Company in the Dominican Republic uses crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen

February 2021
Even in countries with large quantities of naturally occurring sand, manufacturing high-quality building materials is a challenge. Because this sand does not always have the properties required of a building material. On top of that, Dominican building materials manufacturer Calizamar, S.A. has set itself the target of meeting its customers’ demand for flawless building materials. The demand for fine sand to manufacture dry mortar and concrete in particular has risen continuously in recent times. Calizamar is using crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen to fulfil its promise.

BHS mixer produces concrete for new hospital in Denmark

January 2021
DK Beton, one of the largest ready-mixed concrete suppliers in Denmark, was commissioned with supplying concrete for the Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland (New North Zealand Hospital) construction project in Denmark. In order to be able to supply 70,000 m³ of concrete over three years, it was decided to replace the existing concrete mixing plant in Farum. Our Danish partner CPT A/S was put in charge of planning and constructing the new plant. They selected a twin-shaft batch mixer DKX 3.0 with a new platform, new scales and a Walter cleaning system as the core component of the new facility. The customer is highly satisfied with the increased capacity as well as the longevity of this proven BHS mixer.

New mixer for NB Beton in Denmark

January 2021
A newly installed mixer from BHS-Sonthofen delivers high-quality concrete for NB Beton, a Danish concrete manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. The twin-shaft batch mixer DKX 3.0 is part of a new plant designed and built by BHS’ Danish partner CPT A/S. The construction site is located in Ejby, in the northwestern part of Funen island situated in southern Denmark.

Twin-shaft batch mixer used for construction of Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide

September 2020
On Germany's most impressive construction site in Grünheide, Brandenburg, the US company Tesla is building its latest gigafactory for electric cars. The project worth several billion euros is to be completed in record time, with the first electric cars rolling off the assembly line as early as summer 2021. The construction of this gigantic factory requires huge amounts of concrete. To guarantee the required quantity, the plant operators involved also rely on high-performance mixers from BHS-Sonthofen. But what if a spare part is needed for these mixers? Every second counts in a case like this.

Twin-shaft batch mixers for Vietnam’s first offshore windfarm project

August 2020
Bac Liêu Province Wind Power Plant in Vietnam is Asia’s first large-scale coastal wind energy project. Operating since 2013, it is being expanded continuously. During the current third expansion phase, 71 turbines are being constructed. The challenge of this project can literally be found at the bottom of the sea: the cement bases for the wind turbines cannot simply be produced on land and then placed in the ocean. Instead, they have to be poured directly into the ground, using a floating platform. To this end, a mobile batching plant was installed on a dredge. At its heart are two twin-shaft batch mixers from BHS.


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Six twin-shaft batch mixers for the world's largest dam project in Pakistan

August 12, 2021
At the Chinese site in Tianjin, BHS-Sonthofen has received an order for the delivery of six twin-shaft batch mixers to Pakistan. The Diamer-Basha Dam, the world's largest dam made of RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), is currently being built there.

Automix has been a reliable partner in Belgium for 50 years

March 10, 2021
Mixers from BHS-Sonthofen produce high-quality concrete all over the world - this is ensured, among other things, by reliable and long-standing partners who support and advise customers on site. One of these partners is Automix. Automix has been BHS' partner in Belgium for 50 years.

BHS-Sonthofen’s mixing technology used to modernize the Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands

September 1, 2020
The Netherlands is protected from flooding by a 32 km long dam: the Afsluitsdijk. This impressive structure – the total area of which is around 700,000 square meters – is in the process of being completely modernized and expanded. For this purpose, innovative concrete blocks from Holcim Coastal B.V. are being used. To ensure the blocks are of an equally high quality, they opted for strong partners in terms of mixing technology and plant engineering: BHS-Sonthofen and Loke BV. BHS is delivering the mixer for the expansion of the production facility in Alphen aan den Rijn, where the concrete for the project is to be mixed. Loke BV took over the construction of the plant.

Concrete for Europe’s biggest wind farm

June 16, 2020
Mixing concrete for more than 1100 windmills of Europe’s biggest wind farm is no small task. Which is why Tecwill Oy, a Finnish expert for concrete batching plants, puts his trust in a twin-shaft batch mixer from BHS-Sonthofen. The mixer produces four cubic meters of fiber concrete per batch and allows for casting up to three windmill bases per day. Tecwill and his customer particularly praise the mixer for its reliability and the efficiency of the time- and cost-saving mixing principle.

The right mix for the new Aberdeen South Harbour

May 15, 2020
Dragados UK & Ireland, a construction branch of the Spanish ACS Group, is using mixing technology from BHS-Sonthofen to produce concrete in the £350 million expansion of Aberdeen Harbour in Scotland. A total of approximately 9,000 accropodes are manufactured with the concrete and used as the outer armour for the north and south breakwaters. To this end, Industrias Leblan provided Dragados with a mixing unit including a BHS twin-shaft batch mixer.

Largest mixer in the corporate history of BHS

April 1, 2020
After winning an international tender, BHS-Sonthofen was commissioned with constructing the largest mixer in the company’s history. An Indian zinc mine operator required a mixer with a very large filling capacity. The proven Combimix system with overflow was custom-built by BHS-Sonthofen in this extraordinary size and shipped off to India. Ease of maintenance, implementation of all customer requirements and a local service office convinced the Indian customer to opt for BHS-Sonthofen.

BHS-Sonthofen acquires control technology provider Thoma

January 7, 2020
BHS-Sonthofen considerably expanded its portfolio in all things control technology at the turn of the year. Its newly founded subsidiary BHS Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG. acquired Thoma Elektrosteuerungsanlagen GmbH from Babenhausen near Memmingen as part of an asset purchase agreement on 1 January 2020. This will allow BHS-Sonthofen to significantly expand its expertise in the area of control technology. Alongside Thoma’s existing business fields, BHS Control Systems is taking on the tasks of planning and implementing plant control systems for projects undertaken by BHS-Sonthofen and AVA GmbH & Co. KG, the latter of which was acquired in 2018.

The finishing touch for concrete sands: Stevin Rock relies on rotor centrifugal crushers from BHS-Sonthofen

September 25, 2019
The sand found in the high-strength concrete used to construct Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s prestigious buildings must be pure and the particle shape needs to be cubical. Since the large quantities of natural sand in the region do not boast these properties, mine operator Stevin Rock manufactures the sought-after commodity out of limestone itself in UAE. Two rotor centrifugal crushers of type RSMX from BHS-Sonthofen have been used for the final – and crucial – finishing step since September 2018. The two RSMX crushers with TwinDrive break the particles down into the ideal shape, ensuring a consistently high sand quality

The BHS twin-shaft batch mixer used at a major construction site in Stuttgart, Germany

September 18, 2019
A reliable partner for an unusual project: BHS twin-shaft batch mixer used at a major construction site for the construction of pillars for an underground station in Stuttgart, Germany. The concrete manufacturer Godel-Beton based in Stuttgart, Germany, has been relying on the tried-and-tested twin-shaft mixing technology from BHS-Sonthofen for decades – and is currently counting on its expertise in the Stuttgart 21 project. The architectural centerpiece of the new Stuttgart underground station is starting to take shape: Three of the impressive pillars that will provide stability and daylight in the concourse have been completed. Two twin-shaft batch mixers with an output of 2.25 cubic meters of hardened concrete per batch are used to produce the highly complex concrete needed for the construction.

A major investment: BHS-Sonthofen opens a new, modern test center

July 27, 2019
On 26 July 2019, BHS-Sonthofen unveiled a new and modern test center in Sonthofen, Germany. The investment of €3.8 million underscores the Group’s leading position as a process consultant and solution provider for mechanical process technology with a focus on mixing, crushing, recycling and filtration technologies. BHS will perform production-scale tests at the center on all machines and processes offered by the company.

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