Two BHS mixers in Europe's largest precast concrete plant

May 2024

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Two BHS mixers in Europe's largest precast concrete plant


BHS twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKX 2.50

Operating site

Mikkeli, Finland




Concrete for prestressed concrete elements

In Mikkeli, Finland, the largest precast concrete plant in Europe relies on the innovative mixers from BHS-Sonthofen to produce prestressed concrete elements for industrial buildings and commercial premises. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the BHS twin-shaft batch mixers, high-quality concrete products can be produced on a large scale.

BHS-Sonthofen is known worldwide for the reliability and efficiency of its mixing technology. The decision of the precast concrete plant in Mikkeli to rely on BHS mixers was based on the reputation of BHS-Sonthofen with its outstanding quality and the excellent cooperation with Kamet-Röbäcks as the customer's chosen plant manufacturer. In addition, BHS was able to implement the customer's innovative ideas in the mixers. 

Two BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 2.50 form the heart of this plant and enable precise and homogeneous mixing of the concrete components, which is crucial for the quality of the precast concrete parts produced. Their robust design ensures reliable and continuous production, even under demanding conditions. With the new plant and the powerful mixers from BHS-Sonthofen, it will also be possible to produce CO2-reduced concrete, which is an important step towards sustainability. 

This successful collaboration between the precast concrete plant in Mikkeli, Kamet-Röbäcks and BHS-Sonthofen illustrates how innovative technology and first-class service can help overcome the challenges of the construction industry while meeting the highest quality standards.

BHS-Sonthofen is proud to be a part of this important project and looks forward to more success stories with BHS mixers.