BHS mixer with 28,000 liter capacity for mine backfilling in India

February 2024

The reference at a glance


Large twin-shaft mixer from BHS-Sonthofen installed in India


BHS twin-shaft mixer of type DKXC 28000

Operating site





Mine backfilling

An exciting event has taken place in the world of mining: A gigantic BHS twin-shaft mixer of type DKXC with a filling capacity of 28,000 liters has been successfully integrated into a mine backfilling plant in India. The size of this mixer is not only impressive, but also makes it a real eye-catcher in the plant.

This order marks the second use of this imposing size and thus a continued success story. BHS-Sonthofen had previously successfully supplied a mixer of this size. The fact that it has been running to the fullest satisfaction since its installation speaks for the quality and reliability of the machines from BHS-Sonthofen.

The twin-shaft mixer of type DKXC 28000, was a repetitive order and is the largest mixer build in the history of BHS. Also the first project was recently successfully installed in a plant in India. The project required close cooperation and expertise. The experts from BHS-Sonthofen worked hand in hand with the customer to ensure that the installation went smoothly and that all requirements were fulfilled.

With this latest success, BHS consolidates its position as a preferred partner for demanding projects worldwide and underlines its commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction.