Ten BHS mixers for China's high-profile Pinglu Canal project

January 2024

The reference at a glance


Production of dry concrete including RCC for the Pinglu canal project.


Eight BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 7.00 plus two DKX 4.00.

Operating site

Guangxi province, China




Mixing dry concrete including RCC for the construction of two upstream shipping hubs.


The BHS twin-shaft batch mixers ensure high quality and output for premium mixing results.

China is a country of superlatives, not least in terms of population: With more than a billion people and huge agricultural areas, securing a continuous supply of water for the nation has become paramount. Reservoirs and dams help store water and regulate its distribution, especially in times of drought or water rationing. Over the past few decades, China has therefore embarked on a series of major construction projects. One of the currently most important projects is the Pinglu Canal Project, for which BHS-Sonthofen has supplied eight large BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 7.00 and two additional DKX 4.00.

The 85-mile Pinglu Canal is a major infrastructure project in China. China Communications Construction Company Limited (“CCCC”), one of the largest construction companies in the world, is responsible for the construction of this Class I inland waterway canal, which is estimated to cost 72.7 billion yuan ($10.3 billion Euro). Located in Guangxi Province, it starts at the Xijin Reservoir in Hengzhou and ends at Luwu Town in Lingshan County. Once completed, the canal will connect the Xijiang River with international ports in the Beibu Gulf. In addition to providing navigation for 5,000-ton ships, it will also serve water supply, irrigation, flood control and aquatic ecosystem improvement purposes, linking China's southwestern regions by maritime route. 

Steel-reinforced concrete for hard conditions 

For the construction of two upstream shipping hubs – the Qishi shipping hub and the Madao shipping hub – four BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 7.00 were used in each project. Two twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 4.00 provide additional mixing capacity.
Chosen for their high output performance, the DKX mixers of type 7.00 can produce 7 m³ of dry concrete including RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) per batch to meet the specific concrete requirements of the project. In addition to the significant forces generated by ship traffic and canal regulation, concrete components that are remain in constant contact with water are experience continuous stress. The mixing technology of BHS-Sonthofen ensures the highest mixing quality of RCC and dry concrete, which is crucial for these projects. Overall, the mixers for the Qishi and Madao hubs will supply approximately 7 million square meters of building materials. 

The order comes as a result of CCCC's positive past experience with mixing technology from BHS-Sonthofen. Following successful commissioning, the mixers are already in operation.