Three prestigious projects with BHS twin-shaft batch mixers in Australia

March 2024

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Two twin-shaft batch mixers for prestige projects in Australia


BHS twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKX 6.00

Operating site

Sydney and Melbourne, Australia




High-quality concrete

Two major operations are not enough to push the twin-shaft batch mixer from BHS-Sonthofen to its limits. Since their first use over 12 years ago, two BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 6.00 have proved to be indispensable heart of some Australia's most significant construction projects. Three prestigious projects stand as living examples of the efficiency, reliability and outstanding performance of BHS mixers.

The first of these projects was Barangaroo in Sydney, the transformation of the former harbor area into a thriving urban district that now includes a business district, apartments and parkland. Today, Barangaroo stands as the epitome of modern urban living. The two first-class BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 6.00 played a decisive role in the creation of residential space, business facilities and public parks. Thanks to the mixers, large quantities of high-quality concrete could be produced in a very short time, forming the basis for this impressive transformation. 

The second project that required the use of BHS mixing technology was the NorthConnex, also in Sydney. Before this project, road traffic crossed through densely populated residential areas, which caused traffic problems and safety risks. The solution was to construct a 9 km twin tunnel linking the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga to the Hills M2 Motorway at West Pennant Hills. The production of the concrete for this ambitious tunnel construction was ensured by the reliable performance of the two DKX from BHS-Sonthofen.

The current showcase project, the North-East Link in Melbourne, continues the success story of BHS twin-shaft batch mixers. With a planned tunnel of 6.5 km in lenght, road traffic is to be shifted underground to reduce traffic congestion. The proven BHS mixers, which have already demonstrated their efficiency in the above-mentioned projects, will also play a decisive role here and are ready to produce high-quality concrete for the construction of the new tunnel. This extensive construction program is scheduled for completion in 2028. 

The continued presence of the two BHS twin-shaft batch mixers in these prestigious projects is proof to their durability and ability to withstand even the most demanding construction projects. After a proven track record of 12 years in Australia, BHS-Sonthofen is confidently looking forward to many more successful years with the reliable mixers.