BHS-Sonthofen increases efficiency of crushing plant at Dachser Fertigbeton-Kieswerke

April 24, 2024
Dachser J. GmbH & Co. KG is currently expanding and optimizing its gravel plant in Türkheim with the installation of a second rotor impact mill of type RPM 1113 from BHS-Sonthofen. In addition, BHS supplied the entire control system technology, which ensures optimum interaction between the two machines. This not only makes the plant easier to operate, but also increases productivity and efficiency.

When it comes to building materials such as ready-mix concrete, sand, and gravel, Dachser is known for quality and reliability. At its gravel plant in Türkheim, the company produces high-quality sand for concrete production. The grain shape of the crushed sand must match that of natural sand as closely as possible. In the past, this was achieved with energy-intensive rod mills. Since 2019, however, a rotor impact mill of type RPM 1513 from BHS-Sonthofen has been crushing the material to the desired fine grain size. The positive experience has led Dachser to commission another BHS rotor impact mill in 2023, this time of type RPM 1113 with improved maintenance access via a bottom-mounted drive.

Higher throughput with lower energy consumption

The special feature of this BHS rotor impact mill is the two enlarged openings in the discharge area, which allow a faster discharge of both crushed material and ambient air. A downward-facing flanged motor was installed to provide more space for operation on the platform. Compared to the rod mill used previously, the performance of the RPM 1113 results in significantly higher throughput while requiring less energy. Furthermore, the alternate right/left operation of the machine minimizes wear, significantly reducing maintenance.

Crushing and control systems from a single source

In close cooperation with Dachser, BHS-Sonthofen also supplied the complete control system for the two rotor impact mills and the associated peripheral equipment. The control system features high-performance frequency converters for an energy-efficient operation of the machines and a modern user interface with touch screens. “The fact that BHS-Sonthofen supplied the machines and the control systems greatly facilitated both the installation and the ongoing operation,” says Michael Zacher, Head of Technology at Dachser, summarizing the successful implementation.