Success stories




DKXS mixes concrete for tunnel segments of the Grand Paris Express

July 2020
It is Europe’s largest public transportation and infrastructure project: The construction of the Grand Paris Express lines. Approximately 75 percent of the new 200-kilometers-long track will be running underground. In a new concrete plant built by EMCI, a DKXS 3.0 is mixing fiber concrete for the tunnel segments.

Producing concrete for a 700,000 square meter long dam

July 2020
The Netherlands is protected from flooding by a 32 km long dam: the Afsluitsdijk. This impressive structure – the total area of which is around 700,000 square meters – is in the process of being completely modernized and expanded. For this purpose, innovative concrete blocks from Holcim Coastal B.V. are being used. To ensure the blocks are of an equally high quality, they opted for strong partners in terms of mixing technology and plant engineering: BHS-Sonthofen and Loke BV. BHS is delivering the mixer for the expansion of the production facility in Alphen aan den Rijn, where the concrete for the project is to be mixed. Loke BV took over the construction of the plant.

Concrete for Europe's biggest wind farm

June 2020
Mixing concrete for more than 1100 windmills of Europe’s biggest wind farm is no small task. Which is why Tecwill Oy, a Finnish expert for concrete batching plants, puts his trust in a twin-shaft batch mixer from BHS-Sonthofen. The mixer produces four cubic meters of fiber concrete per batch and allows for casting up to three windmill bases per day. Tecwill and his customer particularly praise the mixer for its reliability and the efficiency of the time- and cost-saving mixing principle.

Mixer has been running for 24 years

June 2020
Over the years, BHS’ customer CPAC (The Concrete Products and Aggregate Co., Ltd.) in Thailand has purchased a great number of BHS mixers - and one of them has been running for almost a quarter of a century. The mixer is still working to full efficiency. CPAC is very satisfied with the performance of this recently inspected twin-shaft batch mixer from BHS.

The right mix for the Aberdeen port expansion

April 2020
Dragados UK & Ireland uses mixing technology from BHS-Sonthofen to produce the concrete required for the expansion of the Aberdeen harbor. A total of 9,000 accropods will be produced with the concrete and used in the outer protective walls for the northern and southern breakwaters. Industrias Leblan supplied a mixing plant that includes a BHS twin-shaft batch mixer.

Largest mixer in the corporate history of BHS

December 2019
After winning an international tender, BHS-Sonthofen was commissioned with constructing the largest mixer in the company’s history. An Indian zinc mine operator required a mixer with a very large filling capacity. The proven Combimix system with overflow was custom-built by BHS-Sonthofen in this extraordinary size and shipped off to India. Ease of maintenance, implementation of all customer requirements and a local service office convinced the Indian customer to opt for BHS-Sonthofen.