Success stories




Concrete for Monaco’s land reclamation project

May 2021
Mareterra, formerly known as Portier Cove, is a major construction project, further extending the landmass of the principality of Monaco. EMT, Monaco’s only ready-mixed concrete producer and the supplier for the construction site, has installed a concrete plant from EMCI including a built-in twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKXS 3.00.

Caribbean sand: Company in the Dominican Republic uses crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen

February 2021
Even in countries with large quantities of naturally occurring sand, manufacturing high-quality building materials is a challenge. Because this sand does not always have the properties required of a building material. On top of that, Dominican building materials manufacturer Calizamar, S.A. has set itself the target of meeting its customers’ demand for flawless building materials. The demand for fine sand to manufacture dry mortar and concrete in particular has risen continuously in recent times. Calizamar is using crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen to fulfil its promise.

An environmentally friendly alternative to peat: The Biogrinder efficiently processes compost

February 2021
The Biogrinder from BHS-Sonthofen is successfully used by a cooperative in northern Germany for the production of an alternative to peat. A mobile plant with a control system from BHS Control Systems was implemented. The plant efficiently shreds surpluses of compost material and produces a substance that is suitable for use as an environmentally friendly alternative to peat. For example, the product is added to the production of potting soil to reduce the amount of peat contained in it.

It’s all about the purity: high-grade aluminum concentrate from incinerator bottom ash

February 2021
French waste recycling company Norval has been using an impact mill (PM) from BHS-Sonthofen for aluminum processing in the final process step since June 2019. The sturdy machine frees the pre-sorted aluminum fraction from the waste incineration system from undesired adhesions, thus reliably ensuring that a high-grade aluminum concentrate is obtained.

Focus on the customer: shortened delivery time for cell inserts

February 2021
Keeping downtimes to a minimum is the goal of any efficient production - which is why the replacement of parts and maintenance work should take place in the same time window if possible. This only works with a partner who puts customer requirements first. An internationally active chemical company ordered cell inserts for the BHS rotary pressure filter with a standard delivery time of eight months - but needed them a whole two months earlier. BHS made this early delivery possible to keep to the customer's schedule.

BHS mixer produces concrete for new hospital in Denmark

January 2021
DK Beton, one of the largest ready-mixed concrete suppliers in Denmark, was commissioned with supplying concrete for the Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland (New North Zealand Hospital) construction project in Denmark. In order to be able to supply 70,000 m³ of concrete over three years, it was decided to replace the existing concrete mixing plant in Farum. Our Danish partner CPT A/S was put in charge of planning and constructing the new plant. They selected a twin-shaft batch mixer DKX 3.0 with a new platform, new scales and a Walter cleaning system as the core component of the new facility. The customer is highly satisfied with the increased capacity as well as the longevity of this proven BHS mixer.