Indexing Belt Filter (BF) Used for Herbal Extract Production in Switzerland

October 2019

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Optimization of the production process delivers increased production quantity and consistent quality


Indexing belt filter of type BF

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Indexing belt filter of type BF




Production of high-quality plant extracts for phyto pharmaceuticals


Use of the indexing belt filter of type BF for the residue-free removal of solvents

A Swiss pharmaceutical company has successfully deployed an indexing belt filter (BF) to produce an herbal extract using an extraction and filtration process.

A Swiss pharmaceutical company has specifically selected our indexing belt filter (BF) for the production of herbal medicine. This is because in the production of herbal medicine, the manufacturing process plays a critical role in the resulting extract quality.

Based in the Lake Constance area, the company applies a range of solvents to extract valuable substances from plants. The mixture is then filtered to remove the solvent without any trace of residues. In this use case, the resulting filter cake would prevent uniform and consistent filtration using many other filtration methods, but the BHS-Sonthofen indexing belt filter has proven itself as the optimal solution. The solid components are continuously removed from the belt, avoiding a thick filter cake. It is also not necessary to replace the filter medium or run intermediate cleaning cycles. This facilitates a continuous process and highly efficient filtration of large quantities of product.