Focus on the customer: shortened delivery time for cell inserts

February 2021

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Replacement of cell inserts


BHS rotary pressure filter (type RPF)

Operating site





Production of methyl cellulose


Shortened delivery time of the filter medium according to customer requirements

Keeping downtimes to a minimum is the goal of any efficient production - which is why the replacement of parts and maintenance work should take place in the same time window if possible. This only works with a partner who puts customer requirements first. An internationally active chemical company ordered cell inserts for the BHS rotary pressure filter with a standard delivery time of eight months - but needed them a whole two months earlier. BHS made this early delivery possible to keep to the customer's schedule.

The customer uses BHS rotary pressure filters for the production of methyl cellulose. The Hastelloy cell inserts have to be replaced regularly in order to maintain the high product quality and the efficiency of the machine. Both for the primary purchase of filter technology and for the procurement of spare parts, the chemical company relies on its strong, reliable partner from Sonthofen who also pulls out all the stops for special requests.

The cell inserts are custom-made - recourse to standard components is not possible. Since the customer's production plant was to be stopped at an already fixed date, it was a major concern of the customer that the spare parts be available by then.

Immediately after receiving the order, BHS checked free capacities and aligned its own production processes to the desired time frame. The expected delivery time of 6.5 months was ultimately reduced to six months. This enabled the customer to replace the filter media in parallel with other maintenance work. This meant that the plant only had to be shut down once, which reduced the downtime to a minimum - saving money and time go hand in hand.