Vacuum dryers for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

April 28, 2022
BHS-Sonthofen is providing two identical GMP-vacuum dryers including controls for a international manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates. Commissioning in the customer cleanroom is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022.


BHS´ long-term customer decided to use vertical vacuum dryers for manufacturing their heat and impact-sensitive products, achieving very homogeneous and dry powders at low temperatures. As solvents are vaporised, the machine is designed according to ATEX criteria and equipped with the necessary temperature and pressure sensors.

Both BHS vertical dryers HVW-T 2500 are additionally equipped with a heated double helix. This enables a short drying time at very low speeds. The fine product particles are hardly affected by the rotation of the mixer and thus retain their original shape.

Cross-contamination between products must be excluded in any case. Therefore, the multi-purpose GMP-dryers have been equipped with detachable spray nozzles for cleaning sequences after completion of each batch. The interior of the dryers is therefore designed to be as seamless as possible, and all areas are easily accessible. The surfaces in contact with the product are polished to 0.8µm and the attachments can be dismantled for manual cleaning or maintenance in just a few steps.

Consistently high product quality is made possible by the BHS control system, which was part of the delivery. The controls were executed with the possibility of remote access to enable real-time data exchange with the BHS-Sonthofen Support Team.