Four vertical mixers on their way to Asia

November 25, 2021
BHS-Sonthofen supplies four large mixers for the production of cellulose derivatives to an international customer in Asia. The continuously operating vertical mixers feature an intelligent control solution. Thanks to the BHS helical mixers, the customer achieves the best possible homogeneity of the cellulose. The product is used as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry.

Tablets and capsules need excipients made of cellulose - and these in turn need powerful mixers. A world-leading expert in this field from East Asia extracts microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) from pure cellulose, which is used as a binder and filler in pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements and foods, and in over 80 countries.

For this to succeed, the MCC must have a homogeneous structure. The Asian company has therefore relied on mixers from BHS-Sonthofen for more than ten years. To expand production capacity at the new site, four more HVM 25000 vertical mixers recently left the Bavarian company headquarters for the east. The food-grade helical mixers homogenize different batches before bagging. Grain structures and particle size distribution remain intact.

Efficiency and quality benefit equally from the new acquisitions at the customer's site: Thanks to an intelligent control system, the new mixers homogenize around the clock. Surfaces that come into contact with the product can also be cleaned easily and without tools, enabling the chemical company to guarantee consistently high product quality: An intelligent nozzle system in the wall of the mixers ensures that a gas stream cleans the spiral blades and holding arms almost without leaving any residue.