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Well Filtered is Better Recycled

May 2022
Chemical recycling processes permit treatment of plastic waste – also if highly contaminated. The results are recyclates that have the same quality as virgin material. For example, newly developed processes enable used PET plastics to be returned to the material cycle. Hereby, the end products‘ quality is determined by the recycled material‘s purity. This can be significantly increased by means of efficient filtration and cake washing.

Filtering with great flexibility

November 2020
Instability on markets and greater frequency of product changes are two of several trends that promote the demand for flexible systems in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Modular production systems enable shorter market introduction times and accelerated engineering phases. BHS-Sonthofen now has implemented a new plant concept for solid-liquid separation. The result is a modular pilot plant that includes a rotary pressure filter.
World Pharma Today

Combination of Concentrating Candle Filters and Pressure Plate Filters for Removing Salts and Contaminants from Glycol Regeneration Units

March 2020
For the transport of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in pipelines, monoethylene glycol (MEG) is added as corrosion inhibitor and to reduce the freezing point of the water in the LNG. The MEG is then reclaimed. This article discusses the use of a combination system for solid-liquid filtration as an alternative to static thickeners, centrifuges, filter presses and cartridges.
Platform Oil, Gas & Renewable Technology Review, March 30, 2020 (online)

Extraction with Rotary Pressure Filters Brings Best Flavor

February 2020
Instant products provide consumers with natural flavors in a concentrated, long-lasting format. The final granulate is the result of a multi-stage procedure that starts with an extraction. Hot water or steam is used to leach aromas from a solid. Traditionally, this process step involves the use of extraction columns. BHS has optimized extraction processes at various customers by introducing rotary pressure filters. This increases the yield and improves the taste of the final product. Owing to these properties, producers and end consumers both benefit from the alternative process.
food Marketing & Technology, 01/2020

Use Bypass Dust, Reduce Energy Costs

May 2018
A new method allows the use of up to 100% alternative fuels (AFs) for clinker manufacturing and the recovery of the resulting bypass dust as a recyclable material. Indexing belt filters from BHS-Sonthofen enables the bypass dust accruing during clinker manufacturing to be completely reincorporated into the process by using up to 100% of more cost-effective AFs in cement kilns.
World Cement, 5/2018

Glycol processing for the pipeline transport of natural gas

April 2018
New process for the efficient reclamation of glycol from natural gas | The recycling of glycol, which is added to natural gas for transport, is playing an ever-increasing role in the efficient and environmentally friendly operation of gas pipelines. BHS-Sonthofen has developed a new process that recovers significantly more glycol than conventional processes – and at a lower cost. It also features low maintenance requirements and works fully automatically. This makes the process particularly suitable for offshore operation.
ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE, 134 Jg. 2018 Heft 4