BHS rotor impact mill with new hammer design optimizes output quality

May 11, 2022
BHS-Sonthofen has launched its proven rotor impact mill, which features a new hammer design and maintenance concept. The high-performance crusher with a vertical shaft is used to fine processing of metalliferous composites and industrial waste. Customers benefit from significantly improved output quality, easier maintenance and a higher degree of machine availability.

IFAT 2022: Focus on fine processing of metal-containing residues and battery recycling

April 20, 2022
At this year's IFAT (Booth B4-351/450), BHS-Sonthofen is focusing on the fine processing of metal-containing residues – for example from automotive recycling or electrical and electronic scrap. A second focus is the process for recycling lithium-ion batteries, which has been tested in various reference cases. BHS will present exhibits related to this process, such as a rotor impact mill with a new hammer design, a horizontal dryer, and a separating table.

Biomass Processing in the Philippines Made Possible by BHS Biogrinders

March 14, 2022
Dole Inc. generates large amounts of pineapple waste, which the world’s leading supplier of fresh fruit uses to produce biogas in the Philippines. The company is looking to generate around 8 MW of power at the two plants each year in the future. To achieve this goal, Dole is deploying a Biogrinder from BHS to efficiently process substrate.

Battery recycling: Safety in testing comes first

February 24, 2022
When recycling lithium-ion batteries, the safety of people and the environment is paramount. Thanks to the comprehensive and sophisticated safety system, the approved monitoring body (ZÜS) has now approved tests on battery recycling in a protective atmosphere at the Sonthofen test center.

Expansion of the technology portfolio through participation in RW Recycling World

January 31, 2022
Further growth of the BHS-Sonthofen Group of Companies through the expansion of the technology portfolio to include separating, sorting and classifying technology. Since September 2021, BHS has held a 50% interest in RW Recycling World GmbH in Switzerland. Founded in 2002, the company has technologies for crushing, separating, sorting, sifting, balling, screening and separating. For the Recycling & Environment division in particular, this represents an expansion of the depth of value added and process competence, further strengthening the company’s own market position.

Recycling Lives relies on plant technology from BHS-Sonthofen

January 3, 2022
British recycling specialist Recycling Lives commissioned a recycling plant that was planned and implemented by BHS-Sonthofen at its site in Preston, England. Profitability and sustainable operation come hand in hand thanks to extensive testing at the BHS test center in Sonthofen beforehand. The process developed together with the company is based on a profitability analysis and ensures marketable end products.