Concrete paving blocks

Impeccable aesthetics

High-quality surfaces and large product variety

You need a mixer that allows you to produce high-quality surfaces and reduce the number of rejects? We have the answer! When it comes to producing paving stones, rely on the twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX). After all, it is particularly important for the top layer that structural additives and colors are mixed to perfection.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Twin-shaft batch mixer based on proven technology
  • Delivers a consistently high level of homogeneity in a short time
  • Partial batches as low as 10% of the nominal filling level
  • Low operating costs

Improved quality – Fewer rejects


Improved quality – Fewer rejects

The driveway and parking lot are often the first things you notice when making a house call. It is therefore no wonder that many companies and homeowners attach importance to attractive pavements. In the production of concrete paving stones, aesthetics are just as important as functionality. The proven three-dimensional mixing principle developed by BHS reduces optical defects to a minimum, resulting in fewer rejects and more satisfied customers.

The pressure is on to make your mixer shine


The pressure is on to make your mixer shine

For the production of concrete blocks, we recommend a mixer equipped with an integrated high-pressure cleaning system. Uncomplicated cleaning between two batches with different formulations virtually eliminates carryover. This reduces the number of rejects and guarantees reproducible results. Further optional equipment: adapted speed, precise moisture measurement and water metering as well as smooth mixing tools.


Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX) for the production of concrete paving blocks


Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX) for the production of concrete paving blocks

Smooth mixing unit, three-dimensional mixing principle and maximum reliability: Efficiency and quality go hand in hand at BHS. The mixer is the key component in the production of concrete paving blocks. Our proven twin-shaft batch mixer can adapt flexibly to your needs and requirements and mix even small batches reliably. Watch the video to learn more about the twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX) in use at the concrete block factory of Excluton.

Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

Invented by BHS – proven, reliable and innovative – providing top mixing results for complex applications for over 130 years

Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

Invented by BHS – proven, reliable and innovative – providing top mixing results for complex applications for over 130 years


Tests give certainty

Which mixer is the right one for your application? Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to our team of process consultants. Working together with you, our specialists will test the material and develop a tailor-made solution for you.


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Success stories

BHS mixers in use at the ambitious "Pier 55" project in New York

July 2022
At the former Pier 55 along the Hudson River in New York, a bed of concrete tulips now rises out of the water: 132 of these precast tulip elements, mounted on 267 prestressed concrete piles, form a 2.4-ha artificial island and are the new eye-catcher of the waterfront. For the ambitious project, precast producer and supplier of the concrete flowers Fort Miller Co., Inc. used the proven mixing technology of BHS-Sonthofen – two BHS twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKXS 3,00 ensured concrete of the highest quality.

BHS rotor impact mill at Eqiom: Two decades and going strong

June 2022
In a sand pit in the eastern French town of Arceau, half an hour's drive from Dijon, the building materials manufacturer EQIOM quarries stones for sand production. The company has been relying on crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen for over 20 years. And due to the strong performance of the BHS rotor impact mill, there is no end in sight.

First choice for floorboards

February 2022
Components made of precast concrete have become an indispensable part of the building materials industry. The Dutch manufacturer Van Nieuwpoort Prefab has commissioned BHS-Sonthofen and Loke BV to equip an existing plant with a BHS twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKX 3,00 and to optimize the plant. Since then, optimum mixing results have been achieved for concrete used in the production of floorboards and the plant output has been significantly increased.

The first choice for very finely crushed sand

December 2021
Sticking and clumping in the machine are a thing of the past: Klaus Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH relies on the BHS rotor impact mill for the production of high-quality crushed sand used in producing concrete. The fine-grained construction material is discharged smoothly thanks to design changes to the machine, which the crushing experts at BHS-Sonthofen specially adapted to the customer’s requirements after extensive testing.

BHS After-sales Service: Full-service Provider

December 2021
All it takes sometimes to bring a machine to a standstill is for a foreign object to be jammed in it. Even minor damage from wear and tear can lead to machine downtime, causing production to stop and delays afterward. Two customers of BHS-Sonthofen experienced first-hand how the damage can be kept to a minimum in the summer of 2021: In both cases, after-sales service support ensured that maintenance and repairs were carried out quickly and smoothly – and properly.

Asphalt mixing: High demands on BHS twin-shaft batch mixer

November 2021
Indian civil engineering and road construction company Atlas Technologies aims to take road construction to a new level. For building two asphalt mixing plants in the states of Punjab and Rajasthan, the company decided to incorporate two twin-shaft batch mixers of type DKX 2,00 from BHS-Sonthofen.

More valuable fine sand from limestone

October 2021
No naturally formed rock is as versatile as limestone. Thanks to the high-performance crushing technology from BHS-Sonthofen, the French Colas-Group achieves high reduction ratio and excellent particle shape during sand mining.

Concrete mixer deployed underground

October 2021
What is to be done when there is no empirical data for the production conditions of using a mixer in advance? And what to do furthermore if the construction site of the mixer is difficult to access? These were the initial conditions as part of the ARGE ETS Konrad mine project in Salzgitter-Bleckenstedt, Germany, where BHS-Sonthofen designed a BHS twin-shaft batch mixer and delivered a custom-designed mixing plant.

More concrete paving blocks with less waste

September 2021
Excluton in the Netherlands expanded its capacity: Based on positive experience with the BHS twin-shaft batch mixer, one of the leading manufacturers of concrete paving stones again decided in favor of BHS-Sonthofen. Back in 2017, the company had already succeeded in producing significantly greater quantities of paving blocks within the same time while also reducing waste.

Complex concrete for dynamic projects in Paris

July 2021
The banks of the Seine river are home to Unibéton, an expert in liquid building materials. In Issy-les-Moulineaux, not far from the centre of Paris, the company produces a wide variety of concrete mixes on its 4,800 square meter site – from lightweight and high-performance to fibre concrete. In total, Unibéton manufactures around 2,000 formulations, especially for dynamic construction projects in Western Paris. Its machine park boasts some of the finest gear available – including a twin-shaft batch mixer of DKXS 4.50 from BHS-Sonthofen.


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