BHS After-sales Service: Full-service Provider

December 2021

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BHS after-sales service support on a 24/7 basis


BHS rotor impact mill of type RPM 1113, dry powder batch mixer of type DMX 2600 S

Operating site

Germany and the Czech Republic




Limestone extraction/thermal insulation production


Rapid repairs and maintenance work thanks to spare parts being in stock and the rapid deployment of BHS-Sonthofen’s experts.

All it takes sometimes to bring a machine to a standstill is for a foreign object to be jammed in it. Even minor damage from wear and tear can lead to machine downtime, causing production to stop and delays afterward. Two customers of BHS-Sonthofen experienced first-hand how the damage can be kept to a minimum in the summer of 2021: In both cases, after-sales service support ensured that maintenance and repairs were carried out quickly and smoothly – and properly.

BHS-Sonthofen optimizes all after-sales services to the application and product individually and provides assistance in efficiently integrating BHS solutions at the customer’s premises in all phases of commissioning and beyond. The company has experts who are available around the clock worldwide and can carry out repairs directly onsite within the shortest possible time in order to ensure high production availability – even for emergencies and regular repairs. This is also ensured by the speedy delivery of spare parts using original parts, which reduces machine downtimes to a minimum. The summer of 2021 provided numerous examples of how customers of BHS-Sonthofen benefit from the highly effective after-sales service support:

  • In the summer of 2021, Zement- und Kalkwerke Otterbein GmbH & Co. KG based in Großenlüder-Müs, Germany, reported machine damage to the BHS rotor impact mill of type RPM 1113, caused by a massive foreign body, to the responsible BHS field service team. The BHS-Sonthofen repair technicians were able to start work the very next day, as the spare parts were in stock. After the complete shaft bearing and the cover, including wear parts, had been replaced, the BHS technicians installed a new shaft and seal. It was possible to repair the damage within three days and the plant could resume operation.
  • Major machine damage to the drive of a dry powder batch mixer of type DMX 2600 S halted production at the Čakovice site of Baumit spol. S.r.o in the Czech Republic in June 2021. Further repair work was required, in addition to the renewal of turnbuckles, trestles, rubber parts, and blades. Thanks to readily available spare parts, the responsible BHS-Sonthofen technician completed these the very next day.

Reliability and expert support are crucial for long-term and successful business relationships. Effective after-sales service support therefore requires flexibility, readily available resources, and a tailor-made approach. In this manner, customers of BHS-Sonthofen feel like they are receiving optimal advice and support right from the beginning.