The BHS twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKXK in use for sand-lime blocks production

March 28, 2022
It is all a matter of the technology when it comes to sand-lime blocks: Baustoffwerke Havelland GmbH & Co. KG was looking for a new mixer to replace its old one at its plant in Oranienburg. The company aims to reduce wear and tear in sand-lime blocks production, so it now relies on BHS-Sonthofen technology and has ordered a modern BHS twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKXK 2600 S.

The production of sand-lime blocks requires highly reliable mixing technology with consistently high levels of homogeneity. The old mixer at the sand-lime blocks plant of Baustoffwerke Havelland GmbH & Co. KG had become obsolete, so the sand-lime blocks manufacturer opted for a BHS twin-shaft batch mixer (DKXK) that meets the requirements reliably and in a reproducible manner with a very short mixing time. BHS specifically developed the mixer of type DKXK for producing sand-lime block mixtures as an alternative version to the internationally proven twin-shaft batch mixer of type DKX. The special feature of the BHS sand-lime blocks mixer is that a rubber trough that pulses during the mixing process has been installed, instead of a steel trough, thus effectively preventing caking of the sticky mixed material. This reduces wear and tear on the blades and the trough lining, while resulting in a lower power consumption of the motor.

Compared to mixers previously used in the limestone industry, further advantages of the BHS mixer are shorter mixing times with lower energy requirements, maximum homogeneity of the mixed material batch for batch thanks to the three-dimensional mixing principle, long service life despite highly abrasive materials, and reduced maintenance requirements thanks to easy replacement of wear parts.

The customer is particularly satisfied with the consistently high mixing quality of the reliable BHS twin-shaft batch mixer of DKXK type.