Six twin-shaft batch mixers for the world's largest dam project in Pakistan

August 12, 2021
At the Chinese site in Tianjin, BHS-Sonthofen has received an order for the delivery of six twin-shaft batch mixers to Pakistan. The Diamer-Basha Dam, the world's largest dam made of RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), is currently being built there.

The Sino-Pakistani consortium CEC- POWERCHINA and Pakistan Frontier Works Office is building the Diamer-Basha Dam in northern Pakistan, near the Chinese border. The construction project is not only of central importance for Pakistan in terms of energy policy, but also stands for closer Sino-Pakistani cooperation. For the world's largest dam with a planned height of 272 meters, 18.6 million cubic meters (including 17.1 million RCC and 1.5 million normal concrete) will be built over the next few years.

BHS-Sonthofen in Tianjin (China) is supplying a total of six twin-shaft batch mixers for this this year. The scope of delivery includes four mixers of type DKX 7.0 with 7 m3 each and two mixers of type DKX 6.0 with 6 m3 concrete discharge per batch. Of the machines manufactured in Tianjin, two each will be delivered in September, October and November. In the coming year, BHS is expected to deliver another six mixers. According to current planning, the construction of the dam will end in 2029.