SBM relies on BHS technology for its new concrete plant

February 10, 2022
SBM Mineral Processing is equipping a modern concrete mixing plant with two production lines near Lake Geneva. The focus is on two twin-shaft batch mixers from BHS-Sonthofen, which will be used to produce over two hundred different types of concrete.

Béton Granulats Ouest Lausannois SA (BGO) is a new production facility for factory and ready-mixed concrete. It is situated 20 minutes from Lausanne in the Swiss canton of Vaud. The concrete plant is located on the outskirts of the village of Vufflens-la-Ville, where it benefits from the existing infrastructure of a recycling center for construction waste and mineral residues.

The plant features two independent production lines and a targeted annual output for factory and ready-mixed concrete of various formulas of approximately 100,000 m³. It will serve construction companies with major projects as well as a range of other customers such as landscapers, architects, engineers, municipalities and private individuals around Lake Geneva. A wide range of ready-mixed precast concretes will be produced for foundations and interior walls, open halls and rain-protected exterior facades, as well as for balconies, facade elements, basement walls, parking slabs, retaining walls and bridge abutments.

Short mixing times even for sophisticated formulas

Two stationary concrete mixing plants installed at the same time by SBM Mineral Processing, an Austrian manufacturer of processing and conveying plants for the raw materials and recycling industries, were chosen for concrete production at BGO. The two lines can operate independently of each other, which ensures both top availability and a high degree of flexibility in the production of a total of around 100 standard types as well as an additional 100 special concretes or customer-specific formulas.

SBM is relying on the proven BHS twin-shaft batch mixer type DKX 3.50 with 3.50 m³ of hardened concrete per batch and a maximum output of 122.5 m³/h of hardened concrete per mixer, for both plants. The BHS twin-shaft batch mixer is characterized by a consistently homogeneous mixing result. It is particularly suitable for efficient concrete production with sophisticated and changing formulas thanks to low energy consumption and short mixing times with low wear and tear. Both mixer lines can also be equipped with color or fiber metering as well as hot water heating.