Long-Life service contract for high machine availability at recycling company in Austria

April 2022

The reference at a glance


After-sales service at Metran Rohstoff-Aufbereitungs GmbH


Rotor impact mill of type RPMV 1113

Operating site

Kematen an der Ybbs, Austria




Processing of shredder residues from motor vehicle recycling (ASR) and metallic waste materials (WEEE)


100% availability of original spare parts and all-round service support according to/as stipulated in the BHS LONG-LIFE service contract

Wear parts that aren’t made the manufacturer of a machine often promise to be a more cost-effective alternative to the original spare parts. However, they also pose risks to a continuous production process in the long run. Frequently, these spare parts are inferior to the original – not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of service, maintenance and availability. METRAN Rohstoff-Aufbereitungs GmbH therefore opted for a BHS LONG-LIFE service contract for its two rotor impact mills of type RPMV 1113 in 2022.

BHS-Sonthofen supplied the first rotor impact mill to the Austrian company, located in Kematen an der Ybbs, in 2000, followed by the second machine in 2008. When rebuilding the plant for the fine processing of metallic waste in 2014/2015, the recycler similarly relied on the expertise of BHS. As the main wear parts of the rotor impact mill (RPMV), the impact hammers and the anvil ring in particular are subject to extreme stress during the processing of automotive shredder residues (ASR) and electrical scrap. Along with the high workload of both machines, this led METRAN to turn to the experts from Sonthofen again in 2021 in order to jointly develop long-term solutions. The BHS service portfolio convinced the long-standing customer to rely 100 percent on original parts from BHS in the future. Now, METRAN benefits from high, consistent and reliable quality as well as precise tailoring to its on-site requirements by BHS-Sonthofen.

Focus on availability, quality and service

After in-depth consultation, the customer opted for the LONG-LIFE service contract. In it, BHS guarantees to keep the customer’s annual requirement of main wear parts in stock. If required, they can be ordered at short notice. The new contract enables METRAN to plan for the long-term planning and ensures budget and production security. Additionally, BHS experts provide comprehensive technical support: from offers for optimizing machines and lines to technical innovations and individual solutions for the customer. As a result, METRAN can rely on a smooth maintenance cycle and thus, high plant efficiency and performance.

Shortly after placing the order, METRAN received the first delivery of original spare parts. The company is very satisfied with the service and the resulting high machine availability.