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Un investissement très sûr : BHS-Sonthofen remporte le contrat pour la mise en place d’une installation de recyclage de batteries de BASF

Août 2023
BHS-Sonthofen fournit à BASF une ligne complète pour le traitement mécanique des batteries lithium-ion en masse noire. Pour BHS, il s’agit déjà de la troisième installation à grande échelle – la première étant en service avec succès depuis plus d’un an. Les clients profitent ainsi à la fois de l’expérience et du savoir-faire du constructeur de machines et d’installations du sud de l’Allemagne – ce qui se traduit par des investissements plus sûrs.
recovery, 04 | 2023

Customized recovery | Recovery of metallic fines from ASR

Février 2023
The recovery of metallic fines from ASR requires a customized approach. Auto shredder residue (ASR), fines from shredded electrical and electronic equipment and waste incinerator bottom ash all have one thing in common: They contain valuable metals that are worth recovering. Therefore, processing these fine materials is of high importance.
recycling today, scrap recycling | Winter 2023 | Supplement to recycling today

Recuperación de metales valiosos: alto rendimiento para un procesamiento fino mejorado

Août 2022
BHS optimiza la calidad de su molino de impacto de rotor con un nuevo diseno de martillo. AMBISORT Circular ofrece siempre procesos novedosos y de alto valor añadido para el sector del reciclaje. Un destacado ejemplo es la recuperación de valiosos concentrados de metales a partir de varios composites y desechos industriales, que sin duda es todo un desafío técnico.
RETEMA, 07/08-2022

BHS fine treatment process recovers valuable metals from residual materials

Juillet 2022
There is currently no way around the issue of resource saving but how can valuable materials can be recycled in the best possible way? Metals in particular are considered important scarce raw materials whose recovery is essential for the sustainable use of resources. BHS-Sonthofen offers an effective solution for metalliferous residues with a size of up to 25 mm.
recovery, 04|2022

Recycling company in United Kingdom processes ASR fractions and electronic scrap using the BHS Rotorshredder

Février 2022
British recycling specialists Recycling Lives commissioned a recycling plant that was planned and implemented by BHS-Sonthofen. The plant is designed to handle a variety of materials such as automotive shredder residue (ASR), electric and electronic scrap (WEEE), as well as so-called "meatballs" (electric motors and motor armatures). The process developed together with the company is based on a profitablity analysis and ensures marketable end products.

BHS-Sonthofen contributed to biomass projects in the Phillipines

Février 2022
USA-based Dole Inc. generates large amounts of pineapple waste, which the company uses to produce biogas in the Philippines. Dole is looking to generate nearly eight MW of power per year at the two plants, Surallah and Polomolok, German company BHS-Sonthofen reported this year. To achieve this goal, the plants deploy Biogrinders from BHS to efficiently process substrate.