Articles spécialisés dans les médias

BHS revisite son Biogrinder

Avril 2021
BHS-Sonthofen, spécialiste allemand des technologies de broyage lance une version totalement revisitée de son Biogrinder, broyeur spécialement conçu pour le traitement de la biomasse.
Recyclage Récupération, 23/04/2021 (en ligne)

Concassage fin en péninsule arabique

Janvier 2021
La carrière de Khor Khuwair, exploitée par la société Stevin Rock aux Émirats arabes unis, utilise depuis deux ans deux concasseurs à axe vertical BHS-Sonthofen de type RSMX pour corriger la forme des sables. Ces derniers sont utilisés en quantité pour produire des bétons à hautes performances dans de nombreux projets de la péninsule arabique.
Mines & Carrières, 01/2021

Continuous production for major infrastructure project

Janvier 2021
Despite Covid-19 safety protocols, work continues on schedule at one of the highest volume precast, prestressed concrete yards in North America: the Dragados-Flatiron Joint Venture (DFJV) Pre-Cast Facility in Hanford, California. Hanford Pre-Cast Facility crews are on a tight schedule to complete the 40-acre major infrastructure project by February 2022. Within a total of four years, the contractors are fabricating nearly 2,400 California Wide Flange (CWF) girders, 90 tub girders and 12,000-plus deck panels. In order to achieve this, DFJV built a batch plant for the production of self-consolidating type mixes, combining a Vince Hagan HT Haganator with a BHS-Sonthofen twin-shaft mixer, the latter assuring short, but very robust cycles to yield high-flow concretes exhibiting 20-in. spreads with zero aggregate segregation.
Concrete Products (USA), 01/2021

Recovering valuable materials - Safely avoiding hazards during the recycling of lithium-ion batteries

Décembre 2020
BHS-Sonthofen is refining their innovative process for the recycling of spent batteries. It reliably prevents fires and the release of hazardous gases, as the crusher process is kept gas-tight all the way until the dryer, which is where the electrolytes are evaporated. This process is suitable for automobile batteries as well as lithium-ion and other household batteries. The resulting products are ready to be sold.
recovery, 6 | 2020

Recycling gypsum wallboard: Turning construction waste into a chemically-pure resource

Novembre 2020
EU regulations, the reduction in FGD gypsum from lower coal use and increasing construction are among the many reasons that wallboard recycling is becoming more attractive. However, the process needs to be cost-efficient. To this end, BHS-Sonthofen has developed a process that entails two crushing stages. This even makes it possible to recycle any adhering impurities.
Global Gypsum Magazine, 11/2020

Efficiency in biogas generation

Octobre 2020
BHS-Sonthofen has launched a new, completely redesigned version of the succesful Biogrinder on the market. The Biogrinder is used in biomass processing, where it ensures that biogas is generated efficiently and production is accelerated. The machine is now fitted with a disk rotor and stainless-steel components, making it stand out thanks to its improved durability and flexibility.
recovery, 5 | 2020