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La mezcla perfecta para el nuevo puerto sur de Aberdeen

juillet 2020
Dragados UK & Ireland, una sucursal constructora del grupo español ACS, emplea la tecnología de mezcla de BHS-Sonthofen para producir hormigón en la ampliación del puerto de Aberdeen (Escocia), valorada en unos 400 millones de euros. Con el hormigón se fabricarán un total de 9.000 acrópodos aproximadamente que se emplearán como protección exterior de los rompeolas norte y sur. Para ello, Industrias Leblan suministró a Dragados una planta fija que incluía una amasadora en "batch" de doble eje BHS.
Cemento Hormigón, 21/07/2020 (en ligne)

Largest mixer in the corporate history of BHS

juin 2020
After winning an international tender, BHS-Sonthofen was commissioned with constructing the largest mixer in the company’s history. An Indian zinc mine operator required a mixer with a very large filling capacity. The proven Combimix system with overflow was custom-built by BHS-Sonthofen in this extraordinary size and shipped off to India. Ease of maintenance, implementation of all customer requirements and a local service office convinced the Indian customer to opt for BHS-Sonthofen.
MINING REPORT Glückauf, 03/2020

The finishing touch for concrete sands

décembre 2019
The sand found in the high-strength concrete used to construct Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s prestigious buildings must be pure and the particle shape needs to be cubical. Since the large quantities of natural sand in the region do not boast these properties, mine operator Stevin Rock manufactures the sought-after commodity out of limestone itself in Oman. Two rotor centrifugal crushers of type RSMX have been used for the final – and crucial – finishing stage since September 2018.

Simplified process: Grinding technology from the building industry stands the test for fertilizer production

septembre 2019
For the very first time, Czech fertilizer producer Lovochemie A.S. is grinding its ammonium sulfate using a rotor impact mill made by BHS-Sonthofen. With the help of this technique, the company has been able to replace a number of its regular process steps. The system‘s strength lies in its highly consistent grading curve and low cost of operation.

Potash Op Buys 2 65-kW Mixers

juin 2019
K+S Group subsidiary K+S Potash Canada contracted BHS-Sonthofen for two mixers for dedusting and coloring salt at the Bethune mine in Saskatchewan, Canada. The supplier deployed Combimix DKCX 7300 units, which offered the required throughput at 550 tons per hour, short mixing time, minimal maintenance costs, and the capability for rendering a homogenous product.

Twin-shaft batch mixer used in concrete pipe production

mai 2019
BHS has supplied twin-shaft batch mixers with a special drive technology to the precast concrete industry in Indonesia for the second time – two machines were supplied to the precaster PT Calvary Abadi. This clearly proves the fact that twin-shaft batch mixers are suitable for applications in the field of precast concrete, contrary to widespread opinion.