Contaminated soil

Energy-efficient cleaning

Comprehensive systems for the decontamination of fine soils

When it comes to mercury or long-chain hydrocarbons, the horizontal and vertical evaporators from our subsidiary AVA are an excellent choice for complex applications involving small particle sizes which cannot be easily performed using traditional soil washing techniques. Equipped with a vacuum and condensation module as well as a product feed and discharge unit, the integrated systems can decontaminate even the finest soils in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Our product range also includes high-performance solutions for the pre-processing of non-homogenous or agglomerated soils.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Energy-efficient method
  • Closed system
  • Minimum emissions
  • High temperature ranges
  • Compact, mobile design

Low-emission operation

Environmentally friendly


Environmentally friendly

The hazardous materials are thermally separated from the solids in a closed – and thus energy-efficient – integrated system. This prevents emissions from being released into the atmosphere and protects employees from exposure to hazardous materials. Once the material has been fed in, the evaporator from our subsidiary AVA gradually heats it up. Water and hazardous substances are vaporized, filtered and condensed in the condensation module in a series of steps. Multi-stage condensation, which includes separation of the condensate and gas scrubbing, are possible if required. The system can be operated in the high-temperature range extending up to 650 °C. As a result, even long-chain hydrocarbons up to C40 can be separated.

Backfilling made easy

Systems deployed on site


Systems deployed on site

Thanks to the compact design of our mobile, turnkey end-to-end systems, contaminated soil can be cleaned directly on site and then used as backfill, for example. Throughput rates of up to five metric tons per hour, temperatures up to 650 °C and container systems are possible. We design and deliver the solution that best meets your needs. If the soil is non-homogenous or viscous, for example, we can also provide the relevant pre-treatment technology: Soils containing large stones are pulverized in our impact crusher. The homogenization step that follows is performed by the horizontal dryers manufactured by our subsidiary AVA. Conversely, our innovative BHS Combimix system (type DKXC) is suitable for processing highly agglomerated soils. This requires the addition of aggregates such as burnt lime.

Machine portfolio

Twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX)

Invented by BHS – proven, reliable and innovative – providing top mixing results for complex applications for over 130 years

Impact crushers and impact mills (PB/PM)

High crushing capacity combined with low wear and tear and easy maintenance

Tests give certainty

Which technical solution is the right one for your recycling process? Don’t leave anything to chance. Our team of specialists will test your material at our test center and develop a solution tailored to your specific needs.


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