Separating suspensions and recovering solids and filtrates




Autopress (type AP) is a discontinuously operating, fully automatic pressure filter with vertically arranged plate-shaped filter elements. Thanks to the perfectly closed system, even suspensions that are difficult to filter can be efficiently processed and separated in batch operation. Its mode of operation resembles that of a filter press, but the Autopress works absolutely gas tight and fully automatic, including cake discharge.

The filter can be integrated with a fully tight and self-contained process (also GMP-compatible), thus also meeting requirements regarding sterility, explosion prevention, workplace safety or validation with ease. In particular media that are sterile or have to be processed in closed systems for reasons of toxicity and workplace hygiene can be separated into pure products.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Continuous and fully automated operation
  • Multiple consecutive process steps
  • Closed, gas-tight method of production
  • Suitable for suspensions containing solvents
  • Outstanding safety and hygiene at the workplace
  • Validatable, suitable for pharmaceutical end products

Technical systems

Gas-tight and self-contained filtration


Gas-tight and self-contained filtration

The filtration, and thus the cake formation, takes place on both outer sides of the filter plates. The filtrate is guided to the center of the plate through guide channels and removed via filtrate drain holes. The filter cake is normally discharged in a pre-dried state; however, it can be processed further, including washing, extraction, pressing, blowing out and drying. Pressure can be exerted on the filter cake during all process steps by means of the filter plates. The thinness of the cake and a complete filtration process without any residues facilitate high throughput rates. As an additional benefit, the filter cake has a low residual moisture content. The BHS Autopress washes the cake efficiently, ensuring a pure product free of cross-contamination.

For highly demanding tasks, the Autopress is offered in a closed design that specifically accounts for factors such as surface quality, processing guidelines and approved materials.

A large variety of filter media and materials allow for precisely adapting the Autopress system to the application at hand. For each BHS Autopress of type AP, the design and actual filter surface are determined for each project in order to deliver an optimal filter solution for our customers and their applications. 

Technical specifications

Operating criteria
Mode of operation non-continuous
Operating pressure up to 10 bar (g)
Operating temperature up to 150° C
Solids content (suspension) up to 10% (wt.)
Cake thickness up to 15 mm
Particle size 0.5-50 µm
Filter performance – suspension up to 5 m³/m² h
Filter performance – dry solids -
Active filter surface 0.2-5 m²

All specifications apply to the standard design. Technical specifications of customized designs may differ from the data provided here. All technical specifications are subject to change due to ongoing development. Subject to change without notice.


Tests give certainty

Which technology is the right one for your process? Don’t leave anything to chance. In our test center and filtration laboratory, we test according to your specifications and identify the optimal solution for you.


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