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Opting for the right technology in solid-liquid filtration plays a key role in increasing efficiency and implementing process optimizations in large plants. Owing to our in-depth know-how, we are experts in cake filtration. In 1953, we developed the first rotary pressure filter. Since that time, we have been manufacturing filters and complete filtration systems for mechanical solid-liquid separation using pressure and vacuum filtration for both batch and continuous processes. At present, there are thousands of BHS filtration systems in use around the world. We offer our customers not only a comprehensive product range, but first and foremost optimal process consulting. We continually invest in research and development and introduce new processes. You can rely on our solutions for the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and plastics industries, as well as those used in power generation and raw material extraction.

Benefits at a glance:

  •  Optimizing processes & increasing efficiency
  •  Solutions for batch and continuous processes
  •  Individual process consulting
  •  Outstanding process expertise

Solid-liquid separation – Tailored to your application

Cake filtration is what we do. We provide advice and assist you with a wide range of separation projects. Your process is always at the focus of our attention. We study each individual process step and then select the right filtration solution for you.

Machine portfolio

Rotary pressure filter (RPF)

A single rotation of the drum entails a number of different process steps, demonstrating the many facets of filtration.

Indexing belt filter (BF)

This type of vacuum filter is particularly gentle on sediments.

Rubber belt filter (BFR)

Reliable, high-precision filters for rapidly settling solids.

Candle filter (CF)

A compact system to automatically and fully clarify turbid liquids

Pressure plate filter (PF)

Delivers high throughput rates for difficult-to-filter suspensions

Autopress (AP)

Reliable, fully automatic separation of difficult-to-filter suspensions in batch production.


Tests give certainty

Which technology is the right one for your process? Don’t leave anything to chance. Based on your specifications, we carry out testing and identify the best solution for you in our filtration laboratory.

Success stories



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BHS-Sonthofen acquires control technology provider Thoma

07. January 2020
BHS-Sonthofen considerably expanded its portfolio in all things control technology at the turn of the year. Its newly founded subsidiary BHS Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG. acquired Thoma Elektrosteuerungsanlagen GmbH from Babenhausen near Memmingen as part of an asset purchase agreement on 1 January 2020. This will allow BHS-Sonthofen to significantly expand its expertise in the area of control technology. Alongside Thoma’s existing business fields, BHS Control Systems is taking on the tasks of planning and implementing plant control systems for projects undertaken by BHS-Sonthofen and AVA GmbH & Co. KG, the latter of which was acquired in 2018.

BHS-Sonthofen launches new sales company in China

30. October 2019
BHS-Sonthofen is opening a sales company in China on 1 November 2019. The new subsidiary of the German mechanical engineering company will primarily focus on process technology solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries under the company name BHS-Sonthofen Process Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

A major investment: BHS-Sonthofen opens a new, modern test center

27. July 2019
On 26 July 2019, BHS-Sonthofen unveiled a new and modern test center in Sonthofen, Germany. The investment of €3.8 million underscores the Group’s leading position as a process consultant and solution provider for mechanical process technology with a focus on mixing, crushing, recycling and filtration technologies. BHS will perform production-scale tests at the center on all machines and processes offered by the company.

Utilizing egg yolk powder effectively thanks to continuous filtration and drying

08. April 2019
An internationally operating pharmaceutical company extracts phospholipids from egg yolk and further processes the by-product into an additive for animal feed. Thanks to technological solutions from BHS-Sonthofen and AVA, the company succeeded in optimizing its processes. The solutions consisted of a continuous belt filter from BHS and a horizontal contour dryer from AVA, both of which are ATEX-compliant and designed in accordance with GMP. AVA became part of the BHS Group in April 2018 – and the companies’ product portfolios complement each other perfectly.

Candle filters used in Russia’s gold mining industry

14. March 2019
BHS-Sonthofen’s international renown for filtration expertise has really paid off: Process Plants International, an Australian company, recommended BHS-Sonthofen candle filters to a gold processing plant in Amursk, Russia. Two large filters for removing foreign particles from the condensate stream in pressure oxidation reactors were delivered at the end of April. They do not simply replace the previously used technology, but also optimize it.

BHS-Sonthofen is one of ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Europe’

29. October 2018
The BHS-Sonthofen Group is proud to be included in the ‘Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe’ report of the London Stock Exchange, which was published on 25 September 2018 and announced at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Best flavor thanks to extraction with BHS Rotary Pressure Filters

27. August 2018
Replacing extraction columns with rotary pressure filters – Instant products provide consumers with natural flavors in a concentrated, long-lasting format. The final granulate is the result of a multi-stage procedure that starts with extraction. Hot water or steam is used to leach aromas from a solid. Traditionally, this process step involves the use of extraction columns. BHS has optimized extraction processes for various customers by introducing rotary pressure filters. This increases the yield and improves the taste of the final product. Owing to these properties, producers and end consumers both benefit from the alternative process.

Production of antibiotics in the pharmaceutical industry: Significant increase in production thanks to continuous filtration

06. August 2018
Significant savings, greater yields and improved throughput – pharmaceutical companies can reap significant benefits by moving from batch production to a continuous antibiotics manufacturing process. One stand-out project improved productivity figures by roughly 150 percent. The rotary pressure filter from BHS-Sonthofen plays a key part in this success story.

Rotary pressure filter proves more economical than peeler centrifuges

25. June 2018
When developing new production processes, maximum efficiency is always one of the key goals. However, existing plants and previously defined processes are rarely examined for potential optimization, even though this is precisely where great potential lies. BHS-Sonthofen scrutinized an existing filtration process for a German manufacturer of food additives. The findings of lab and pilot tests suggested that a single rotary pressure filter can replace the three peeler centrifuges previously used.

Indexing belt filter extracts reusable materials from biomass and significantly streamlines the process

01. June 2018
BHS-Sonthofen presents pilot and lab filters suitably sized for the ACHEMA 2018 trade fair, but the systems used for well-established manufacturing processes are often of a much larger scale. For example, the specialists for solid-liquid separation were commissioned by a Swedish company with extracting valuable substances from biomass, i.e., fibrous plant residues. As a result, BHS noticeably simplified the intended process while at the same time increasing the concentration of active ingredients. The solution was built around an indexing belt filter of type BF 350-255 with a filter surface of nearly 90 m² and corresponding record performance.

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