Combimix mixer for potash mine in Canada

May 2017

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Salt processing at the Bethune mine in Canada


Combimix mixer of type DKXC 7300

Operating site

Saskatchewan (Canada)


Building Materials


Dust removal and dying of potash in fertilizer production


Combimix is a combined batch and continuous system

Potash for the fertilizer industry is produced in the Bethune Potash Mine operated by K+S in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The mine started off as a “legacy project” during its construction period. BHS-Sonthofen was commissioned with delivering two mixers for dust removal and coloring salts. The Combimix DKXC 7300 was selected for these challenging applications. The mixer impresses with its high throughput rate combined with a short mixing time and high product homogeneity.

At the Bethune Potash Mine, crude potash salt and rock salt are extracted from a suspension by means of crystallization and then separated into different production lines. However, before they can be loaded onto freight trains, some of the products need to have dust removed from them and be dyed with colored oils. The special properties of the moist salt pose a particular challenge in this application. The ductility and stickiness of the oil and salt mix results in a relatively high rotational resistance in the mixer, which leads to a higher energy consumption and increased wear.

The Combimix mixer of type DKXC was deemed the best fit for the application at the BHS test center. The result of the lab test was a product with perfect homogeneity after just twelve seconds of mixing. The world-renowned BHS twin-shaft mixer – which stands out thanks to its quality, reliability and consistently good mixing results – forms the heart of the Combimix. Additionally, the Combimix features specially developed bottom-flow ejectors (one for continuous operation and one for emergencies), a piping system for optimized liquid injection into the mixer and a filling level control. This makes the Combimix an innovative blend of batch and continuous flow systems that offers precise control over the volume output of the final mixed product.