Modular high-performance mixing system in container design


Concrete mixing systems

Mobile concrete mixing system

The highly mobile BHS concrete mixing plants stand up to adverse ambient conditions, frequent changes of location and permanent operation at maximum load in the harshest of construction conditions. Both the MONOMIX variant with one mixer and the TWINMIX as a dual plant are thus investments that offer value stability and high availability. At the heart of every plant is the twin-shaft batch mixer that has proven its worth thousands of times over.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Quick installation without a foundation
  • High performance
  • Excellent mixture quality
  • Robust overall construction in container form
  • Short setup and dismantling times


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Highly mobile – setup and dismantling in a single day

The BHS concrete mixing plant consists of modular container units. The robust design ensures stability and mobility, even when the mixer is frequently moved to new locations. The system is fully pre-installed and wired at the factory. All interfaces are equipped with plug-in connectors. The system is installed without a foundation. It can be installed or dismantled in a single day. The transport width of the containers is 3 m.

No compromises

In the case of portable concrete mixing plants, the need for mobility often comes at a price: poor accessibility and high maintenance effort. When you consider that the plant’s primary function is to reliably produce concrete at low cost, this is a heavy price to pay. For that reason, the BHS container system has been designed to deliver mobility without any of the associated disadvantages.

Stationary mixing system – a low-cost alternative

The BHS concrete mixing system in container form can also be operated as a stationary plant. Compared to conventional systems, the associated costs are much lower. This is achieved, for example, thanks to shorter installation times and because there is no need for a concrete foundation or ramps. In addition, mobile systems make the task of securing the necessary permits easier. If the chosen location proves unsuitable after a few years, the system can moved to a new site quickly.


The BHS concrete mixing system in container design can also be tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. Aggregates, binders and additives can be stored and metered based on the customer’s specifications.

Technical systems



Inclined belt conveyor [1]

  • Catwalk on both sides
  • Can be rotated in case of dual plants (TWINMIX)

Container with mixer platform [2]

  • BHS twin-shaft batch mixer
  • Binder scale
  • Air compressor
  • Electrical control cabinet

Container with weighing platform [3]

  • Aggregate pre-hopper
  • Water scale with pump
  • Scales for chemical additives
  • Dust filter, emptied pneumatically

Control container [4]

  • PC-based hardware
  • Air conditioning and heating unit
  • Clearly arranged layout

Binder silos [5]

  • Pneumatic infeed
  • Dust filter
  • Screw conveyor for each silo
  • Movable foundation plates

Chemical container [6]

  • Additive tanks
  • Additive pumps
  • Overflow protection
  • Water pump

Plant design

Installation of a ready-to-use BHS concrete mixing plant


1. Installation of chemical storage and control containers on levelled ground


2. Installation of a support on the mixer module


3. Positioning of the mixer module onto the base for the container. Secured in place using twist locks.


4. Mounting the shell of the footbridge


5. Sliding the discharge hopper onto the guide bars


6. Positioning the weighing module


7. Installation of cement silos and mounting of screw conveyors


8. Positioning of the inclined belt conveyor


9. Installation of the aggregate hopper (consisting of three transport units)


10. Completion of the internal connections and electrical plug-in connections








Four-, six- and eight-chamber hoppers as well as several special models are available depending on the specific task and space available. The hoppers can be positioned in a longitudinal direction to the ascending conveyor or at a 90° angle.

Bunker cover

The individual chambers of the hopper can be fitted with bunker covers that can be operated hydraulically or using an electric motor. These are manufactured to be torsion resistant and can also be insulated.

Grate cover

Grate covers are available to prevent impurities from getting into the hopper, which can be pivoted on the infeed edge.

BHS twin-shaft batch mixer

There are a range of configuration options available for twin-shaft batch mixers to accommodate different applications. Please refer to the “Twin-shaft batch mixer” brochure for more information.

High-pressure cleaning

The system can be equipped with a high-pressure cleaning unit to efficiently clean the mixer and, as an option, the discharge hopper as well.


An insulated version of each of the modules is available specially for winter operation.


If needed, the mixing plant can be retrofitted with a hot-air heater and a hot-water system.

Feeding of special formulation components

It is possible to add additional devices to the system to meter special components of the formulation. This includes flake ice, fibers, silica fume and hot steam.

Technical specifications

Performance data
Mixer batch size 3 m³ 3 m³ 4 m³ 4 m³ 4,5 m³ 4,5 m³
Mixers 1 2 1 2 1 2
Assembly time 1 day 1,5 day 1 day 2 day 1 day 2 day
Transport units 12 17 12 19 12 19
Max. transport width 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m
Max.transport weight/unit 3) 22 t 22 t 26 t 26 t 27 t 27 t
Length 4) 46 m 46 m 54 m 54 m 54 m 54 m
Width 13 m 23,5 m 14,5 m 22,5 m 14,5 m 22,5 m
Production output 1) with truck mixer discharge (30s) 2)
Batches per hour per mixer 40 1/h 40 1/h 38 1/h 36 1/h 36 1/h 36 1/h
Compacted concrete output 120 m³/h 240 m³/h 152 m³/h 288 m³/h 162 m³/h 324 m³/h
Production output 1) with open truck discharge (30s) 2)
Batches per hour per mixer 51 1/h 40 1/h 48 1/h 38 1/h 47 1/h 36 1/h
Compacted concrete output 153 m³/h 240 m³/h 192 m³/h 304 m³/h 212 m³/h 324 m³/h
Production output 1) with open truck discharge (45s) 2)
Batches per hour per mixer 42 1/h 40 1/h 40 1/h 38 1/h 40 1/h 36 1/h
Compacted concrete output 126 m³/h 240 m³/h 160 m³/h 304 m³/h 180 m³/h 324 m³/h

1)  Dependent on the cycle time, concrete quality and aggregate type
2)  Value in brackets = mixing time
3)  Value corresponds to the max. transport weight/unit without batcher
4)  The length of the plant depends on the batcher variant. The values specified here refer to the 6-chamber, 2-aggregate batcher

Performance data for other materials available on request. All specifications apply to the standard design. Technical data for customized designs may differ from the specified data.
All technical data may change due to development. Subject to modification without notice.



Tests give certainty

Which mixer is the right one for your application? Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to our team of process consultants. Working together with you, our specialists will test the material and develop a tailor-made solution for you.


“Concrete mixing systems (MONOMIX & TWINMIX)” brochure
“Mixing & crushing” overview brochure
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Success stories

TWINMIX system accelerates highway reconstruction in Switzerland for KIBAG AG

November 2018
Project managers used Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) for the first time to reconstruct the major highway connection between the villages of Küssnacht and Brunnen and significantly reduce construction time. As the requirements for the mixing process are rather high, the Swiss company KIBAG AG selected an ultra-modern, rapidly deployable concrete mixing system. Two high-performance twin-shaft batch mixers form the core of the system.


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