Twin-shaft batch mixer


Engineered out of the box to deliver the best performance

The new OX twin-shaft batch mixer has been developed especially for this purpose as a standardized series machine to produce ready-mixed concrete in a cost-effective manner. Over 130 years of experience from BHS in mixing concrete is underlined in the technical details, which make quite a difference in practice – in the quality of the mixing result, in the high operating speed, and predominantly in the ability to reliably withstand the demands of the production of ready-mixed concrete in 24 /7 operation.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Optimum mixing results
  • Time-saving production
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Maximum reliability
  • High energy efficiency



[1] Designed with the worldwide-patented BHS transmission safety technology.

Shock resistant! By using globally patented transmission safety technology, without rigid connection of the gearbox to the mixing trough and mounted on adjustable torque supports, BHS has set a new benchmark. The gearbox is synchronized by means of an elastic multi cross coupling. This means that the transmission of coercive forces from the mixer shafts to the gearbox is effectively suppressed – for a considerably longer service life of the gearbox.

[2] BHS smart sealing system.

Runs without interruptions. Thanks to physically detaching the shaft bearings and housing seals, damage to the shaft and shaft bearings is prevented if cement paste penetrates the housing seal. Even if the seal becomes damaged, the mixer is able to continue operating without interruption until the next regular maintenance interval. It keeps running when other machines have long since given up.

[3] Trough cover – included.

The OX already comes fully equipped with a dust-proof mixing trough hood. It is fitted with easy-to-use large maintenance flaps with gas springs and two baffle plates for adding water in a depressurized state.

[4] Maintenance step for ergonomic work.

The OX is already fitted as standard with a maintenance step to ensure fast and safe access to the mixing trough. It is ideal for simple and safe cleaning, maintenance, and inspection work.

[5] Automatic central lubrication – included.

The automatic central lubrication system continuously and reliably supplies the four internal mixing trough seals with grease during operation. The grease works as a barrier and prevents cement paste from emerging from the mixing trough.

BHS Transmission safety technology

Shock resistant – For exceptional performance and durability.


Shock resistant – For exceptional performance and durability.

Remarkable reliability – The OX offers long-term durability that conventional mixers often lack, by providing the BHS worldwide-patented transmission safety technology.

BHS has set a new benchmark by using globally patented transmission safety technology, without rigid connection of the gearbox to the mixing trough and mounted on adjustable torque supports. The two mixing shafts are synchronized with an elastic coupling installed between the gearbox. This effectively prevents the transmission of constraining forces from the mixing shafts into the gear unit. For a significantly increased service life of the gear unit.

Mixing tools designed to their best

High-intensity three-dimensional material transport and exchange

Mixing Tool

OX – original BHS mixing tools ensure unique efficiency in material exchange. The OX ensures a more intensive material exchange in the turbulent overlapping zone of the two mixing shafts – in shortest time. That is achieved through a significantly higher material movement per rotation and an ideal geometry for optimum flow behavior of the mixing materials.

Blade size


The effective projected blade size counts. The effective projected area of the blades is an essential factor for material transport in the mixer. The setting angle of the OX mixing blades is perfectly tailored to the material’s movement. Ensuring optimum mixing quality at minimal homogenization times – Intelligent engineering for efficient and cost-effective mixing.

Technical specifications

Performance data
Typ Dry
per batch
Maximum compacted concrete output Standard
Truck mixer discharge 1) Open truck discharge 2)
OX 1.0 1,5 m³ 1,0 m³ 58 cycles / h 58 m³/h 60 cycles / h 60 m³/h 2x22 kW
OX 2.0 3,0 m³ 2,0 m³ 49 cycles / h 98 m³/h 53 cycles / h 106 m³/h 2x37 kW
OX 3.0 4,5 m³ 3,0 m³ 44 cycles / h 132 m³/h 53 cycles / h 159 m³/h 2x55 kW
OX 3.5 5,25 m² 3,5 m² 42 cycles / h 147 m³/h 52 cycles/h 182 m³/h 2x55 kW
1)  30 s mixing time, truck mixer input rate of 0.12 m³/s (0.16 yd³/s) and compactability rate of 1.15.
2)  30 s mixing time, compactability rate of 1.45.
Dimensions & weights
Typ A B D E F Weight
OX 1.0 3.330 mm 2.030 mm 1.610 mm 1.890 mm 1.370 mm 3.900 kg
OX 2.0 3.060 mm 1.830 mm 2.280 mm 2.070 mm 1.660 mm 5.600 kg
OX 3.0 3.750 mm 2.430 mm 2.280 mm 2.070 mm 1.660 mm 6.900 kg
OX 3.5 3.500 mm 2.000 mm 2.620 mm 2.350 mm 1.830 mm 8.400 kg


Ready-mixed concrete

Ready-mixed concrete

Delivers highest productivity - Available from stock

Best-in-class performance and reliability


Best-in-class performance and reliability

The twin-shaft batch mixer of type OX is exclusively available in China, India & SEA excluding Australia.

Tests give certainty

Which mixer is the right one for your application? Don’t leave anything to chance. Leave it to our team of process consultants. Working together with you, our specialists will test the material and develop a tailor-made solution for you.


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