Test Center

Cutting-edge systems technology across 1,800 m²

This is where we perform tests and develop solutions

Welcome to our test center. The 1,800-square-meter site is fitted with cutting-edge mixing and processing machinery that helps us carry out tailored customer tests with ease. For us, the test center provides a space for innovation and for creating certainty. This is where we perform tests and develop solutions. Our customers are also welcome to come and watch these tests in person. We look forward to welcoming you here.

Process consulting

Comprehensive consulting powered by unparalleled expertise

BHS-Sonthofen has a wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge at its disposal. Our unparalleled process expertise and operational knowledge accumulated through decades of experience allows us to provide comprehensive consulting services: our cutting-edge test center is home to not only production-scale tests performed using our machines, but analysis and documentation as well. When it comes to finding the right solution for you, we leave nothing to chance.

Crushing tests.

Efficient rock processing. Every input material is unique, just like the requirements that need to be met.

Mixing tests and laboratory mixer.

Homogenously mixed. Mixing is what we do. Whether it’s wet or dry – we use cutting-edge mixing technology for a variety of materials.

Efficient rock processing

Every input material is unique, just like the requirements the final product needs to meet – and we find the perfect solution for your rocks. Our test center enables a wide range of different crushing processes to be mapped and the individual systems to be chained to systems. This allows us to test and optimize the entire process using your input material, all at the same time.   No two rocks are the same. Our experts know just how diverse the materials are and will find the right solution for you. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Complete production-scale product portfolio
  • Industrial-scale tests
  • Material cycles can be simulated
  • Complex process workflows can be mapped
  • Profitability analyses
  • Grading curve and LCPC value analyses
  • Comprehensive grading curve database
Equipment for crushing tests

  • Crushers & production-scale impact crushers: rotor impact mill (RPM & RPMF), rotor centrifugal crusher (RSMX), Impact Crusher/Impact Mill (PB/PM)
  • Feed & discharge technology
  • Combination screening
  • Automated control
  • Extraction system
  • Laboratory equipment

Homogenously mixed

Mixing is what we do. Whether it’s wet or dry – our test center combines comprehensive facilities with cutting-edge mixing technology to homogenize a wide range of materials. You have access to both batch and continuous mixers, as well as the corresponding dosing systems: various machine parameters, variations on recipes and sequences for adding materials can be tested. You can rent or purchase nearly any type of laboratory mixer from us to perform tests at your location or use your own input material. The mixers are equipped with their own control systems and can be easily transported and installed. At your request, our BHS experts will analyze your process and the materials to be mixed, no matter whether the test is being performed at our test center or in your operation. That way, you will still receive all the necessary information before you make your purchase. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Mixing tests for everything from dry to wet materials
  • Continuous and batch mixing tests
  • Batch and continuous mixers for rent or purchase
  • Test center fitted with cutting-edge mixing technology
Equipment for mixing tests

  • Twin-shaft mixer: twin-shaft batch mixer (DKX), Combimix system (DKXC)
  • Single-shaft mixer: single-shaft continuous mixer (MFKG)
  • Dosing units for dry materials

Laboratory mixer

Big things comes in small packages – this mixer is optimally suited for R&D in the concrete laboratory

Laboratory mixer

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Find a sales representative

Find your personal contact person on site. We are there for you worldwide.

Find a sales representative

<p>Find your personal contact person on site. We are there for you worldwide.<br /></p>